Panfé lands in Paullo – First Martesana

Tomorrow, Wednesday 2 March, at via Santa Maria Mazzarello and Paullobegins a new adventure for Panfe, the Italian chain of cafes and bakeries. The adventure is new, but the company already has a history of thirty years. Paullo’s is actually sales point number 24 and tomorrow is the big opening party.

Panfé – bread, love and coffee, represents a modern format, a completely new way of experiencing two places that are part of everyday life for all of us, cafeterian and that bakery. Two souls who meet, to offer customers the best experience of taste and product range. From breakfast to lunch, from the afternoon snack to the aperitif, all moments of the day are satisfied thanks to the very varied proposal: breads, pizzas, focaccia, sandwiches, desserts, parfaits, hot and cold drinks and aperitifs. The products are handmade, with simple recipes, and cooked in the Mondovì (CN) laboratory, a place where we are constantly experimenting in search of modern tastes, while respecting the Italian tradition. Panfé’s daily mission is to offer genuine and freshly baked products: in fact, from early morning until closing, the ovens are always on and it is possible to constantly breathe the aroma of hot and finished products.

The bread it is offered in different recipes and formats: whole grains, multi-grains, with soft wheat and durum wheat flour, it is processed by hand and cooked after a natural fermentation, according to the old bakers’ cooking recipes.

Bread can be bought with the formula 3 + 1: you get 4 pieces, but you only pay 3.

The pizzor and that focaccia they satisfy all tastes and are filled in place: from caprese to bacon and walnuts, from capricciosa to mortadella, to the classic margherita, which passes through other flavors, including focaccia.

For lunches and snacks but also for lovers of salty breakfasts, the range is very complete even mtt sandwiches: pesto and mortadella, turkey with grilled peppers and black olives, aubergines with zucchini and pesto, raw ham with mushrooms, stracchino and spinach, porchetta with truffle lolito, spiced lard and brie … and other fillings. In short, there really is something for everyone!

And there is no shortage of them sweetsfrom parfaits to dry biscuits with lady kisses, cornmeal pastries and American cakes.

When it comes to proposals is a must breakfast, which only costs 1 € to 11: croissant + coffee or cappuccino. By the end of the day, however, one special aperitif, with drink and cutting board for 7 €. The cafeteria also offers brand new coffee creams.

From tomorrow until March 6in the end, free bread for those who are going to shop at Banco Fresco (the fresh market right next to Panfé) or for those who sign up via this link: opening-paullo /

Tomorrow will therefore be a big party, which will mark another step forward in Panfé’s development project. Project, which will lead to the company opening dozens of other stores in the coming years.

We are waiting for you in Paullo, via Santa Maria Mazzarello

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