Pay attention to the food we use to sweeten coffee as it can contribute to the development of tumors and how to replace it in the best way

Drinking a cup of coffee at the table, after a meal, is a tradition for many. This practice does not fail to repeat itself during moments of pause, for example from daily work. When we are in the office, we take the classic coffee break, enjoy the hot drink and sweeten our glass. And at home we do the same thing considering the coffee’s very strong taste.

However, we should pay attention to this daily gesture and pay close attention to the food we use to sweeten coffee, as its use in addition to the recommended doses can cause serious problems for our health.

The most classic sweetener

In general, white sugar is the sweetener most commonly used to make the strong taste of a particularly bitter-tasting beverage such as coffee more pleasant. Well known on our tables, sugar comes after a process of extraction from sugar cane or beets and after a subsequent refining, giving it the classic white color. Sugar is used to sweeten not only coffee but also tea or herbal tea and its use in confectionery preparations is common. However, some considerations would be appropriate.

Pay attention to the food we use to sweeten coffee as it can contribute to the development of tumors and how to replace it in the best way

According to studies conducted by the AIRC, the Italian Cancer Research Association, a diet with too many sugars, due to the glycemic increase, would increase the chances of developing both a certain type of tumor and the negative development of the disease, if this is already underway. This would be likely and quite certain, especially when it comes to breast cancer. While for other types of tumors, this hypothesis would fail.

Table sugar would consist of glucose and fructose. These two elements could increase the concentration of insulin in the blood, which would promote inflammation and abnormal cell growth, contributing to the development of tumor formations.

Replace sugar in the best way

With that said, however, it would be wrong to think about completely removing sugar from the diet. For the organism to function well, sugar would be necessary, but it should of course be taken in small amounts. Eliminating exaggerations would prevent not only cancer but also heart problems and the onset of diabetes.

Any exchange of sugar at the table in the best way should be weighed with the same caution, in the sense of moderate dose regulation. For this purpose, honey may be ideal, which would have remarkable nutritional and anti-inflammatory properties, but it should absolutely always be consumed in moderation.

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