Perfect breakfast not only with coffee or tea, fruit or yoghurt but also with the old Italian tradition

If the meal in the evening was sparse, you always wake up in the morning with a certain carelessness. It is the signal that we really need to eat a good breakfast.

Many people start the day with a cup of coffee. It is welcome to give the right charge. Maybe it’s because Artusi in his famous book about the art of eating well talks about breakfast. He says that a cup of coffee in the morning is just to clear the stomach of the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. It is not known if it is true and if it is good, but many Italians take a cup of coffee when they get up.

Today, breakfast is prepared in a very varied way. There are those who prefer to go to the bar and have the classic coffee or cappuccino with croissant. Someone wants the perfect breakfast not only with coffee, but with cow’s milk or vegetable drinks. To these the children add sweet biscuits, while the older ones add oatmeal or cornflakes. Yogurt is sometimes preferred over milk. Some even take it in the evening, as a substitute for dinner.

Eating habits, when it comes to breakfast, are so many. In most cases, we follow the modern line of preferring a sweet food-based breakfast. This used to be a privilege for the upper class. Those who could afford to buy the expensive sugar and honey products. The others managed, according to the name of the breakfast.

Perfect breakfast not only with coffee or tea, fruit or yoghurt but also with the old Italian tradition

This name is quite old and comes from Latin. It means putting together a group of things, from which the word “collection” also comes. “Collatio” was nothing more than consuming the leftovers from the previous day’s dinner. They could have been spaghetti, legumes, vegetables, but without missing a cup of coffee.

A breakfast of a completely different style, which we would call not sweet, but salty. This way of eating in the morning has not completely disappeared. The very old and long-lived people of the L’Aquila area eat a salty breakfast in the morning.

In itself, there are no particular contraindications to a “salty” breakfast. The important thing is that it is well balanced, taking into account both sodium and saturated fats. The most suitable food would be bread and a soft-boiled egg. To these add some fruit and a drink, such as orange juice. Of course, you can not eat an egg every day. Protein intake must also be balanced so as not to overload the stomach and liver.

We could then replace it with wholemeal bread and Greek yogurt. Or with a toast with cream cheese and tomatoes, to which you can add a fruit and a drink.


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