Philosophical coffee. Towards the 20th, the first evening is dedicated to Don Marco Lunghi

The Philosophical coffee restarting after the long Covid hiatus. It will do so on November 14 with the first of the classic monthly meetings on the second Monday of the month. In addition, returning to the “historic” headquarters for The bar gallery in via Mazzini 30. These and other news were announced this morning at the press conference organized by the association in via Mazzini. The now former president Gabriele Ornaghi he happily announced the return of the philosophical appointments, but also the replacement at the top of the association. New president isarc. Marco Ermentiniwith deputy the prof. Piero Carelli. “Our collaboration with Crema del Pensiero and Crema municipality will continue (represented on the occasion by the cultural council Giorgio Cardile) – added by Ornaghi -. Philosophy animates human thought and we need it more and more, especially in this historical period”.

The memory of Don Marco

For his part, the new president Ermentini underlined how “the philosophical cafe of 2023 will reach 20 years since the founding. A historic milestone. We brought the greatest Italian and foreign philosophers to Crema. We are a group of people moving forward with passion,” he said, introducing the first moment. An evening, at 9 p.m., with free entry, dedicated to memory of Don Marco Lunghiwho died last July.
Don Marco Lunghi: a traveling anthropologist the theme of the meeting on November 14, which will reproduce the thought and work of this priest from Cremona, who was and is (thanks to his contribution) a true the pillar of the Cremasca culture and not only. Several speakers will speak to remember his professionalism, his studies and his ways: P. Lunghi left a profound cultural education in those who knew him, including the author.

Important speakers

Walter Venchiarutti (present at the conference on behalf of Cremasco Anthropological Group together with the President Edward Edallo) will illustrate the forthcoming volume of Don Marco’s studies and testimony, “a book that collects unpublished essays and texts from some lectures given at the University of the Sacred Heart of Brescia”, where he was a teacher. The friend Don Pierluigi Ferrariinstead, it will review the stimulating research conducted with Don Lunghi in the area of ​​local popular traditions, particularly on the usages and customs related to food, poetry and dialect languages. Edallo, on the other hand, will talk about Don Lunghi’s forty-year presence in the Cremasco Anthropological Group, of which he was the founder, spiritual father and scientific guide.

The “Historical” Presidents

“The evening of December 12 comes with the new book by prof. Carelli and the January 9 meeting with Franco GalloErmentini finished. Give the floor to Philosophical Coffee’s first president, Tiziano Guerini, who held the position for a decade: “Many years have passed. I remember the biciclettate with Carelli, from which the project started, later shared and developed with other friends.”
“Twenty years are not few. Despite some difficulties, we are still here: philosophical dissemination, in dialogue with other disciplines, is very important, just like the publications that we issue every year, an added value for the association”, repeated the second historical president . Luca Lunardi.

“The beating heart of cremasca culture”

“The beating heart of urban culture is realities like this one Philosophical coffee, always for support. We live very everyday and practical lives, but reflection is the necessary fuel. Great to see all these pros open up to reflexion. Philosophy is also very popular among young people and they need these valuable opportunities”. “Nowadays, the questions of philosophy are very healthy, as is the Socratic dialogue”, the conclusion and confirmation of prof. Carelli.

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