Portable coffee machine: which you should choose to take with you everywhere

There are people who without a good coffee just can not get the day started, but in some situations it may seem impossible to enjoy one. where portable coffee machineor travel, was created precisely to ward off this horrific event: compressed into a space of a few cubic centimetersit does not need electricity to work and above all it is easy to slide into any bag or backpack. In this way, coffee becomes a pleasure even on the go or away from civilization and electrical outlets.

How the portable coffee machine works

In a way, these small units work just like classic espresso machines, that is, they use pressure to filter hot water through a mixture of ground coffee, resulting in the desired beverage. No electricity at stakehot water however, it is obtained from an external source such as a field stove, while it print necessary for filtration is provided by manual activity, by means of levers, pumps or other mechanisms that can be operated by force.

Advantages and disadvantages

It goes without saying that the portable coffee machine is not the ideal solution when it comes to Comfortand the product obtained will generally not be on a par with coffee from the bar or an electrical device which can rely on electrical resistors, thermostats and boilers under pressure to give constant quality results over time.

On the other hand, these devices are often the only option for who travels and can not find coffee anywhere else. In a hotel room, on a camping trip or on a hike, portable coffee makers are the only way to have coffee as good as freshly madewithout having to focus on suede or carry bulky electrical products with you.

The most important features

To understand which unit is right for your needs, there are some features to look for in the product descriptions, but there are three basic ones.

  • To be portable gadgets, the size are important: a few inches can make the difference in a backpack or suitcase.
  • where extraction technique of the beverage helps to understand how the machine works – for example by letting the coffee be infused or by storing it in a separate chamber where the water is led.
  • where type of coffee to use is a factor that determines how comfortable or versatile the machine will be to use: some products are based on the beans, others use ground coffee which must be ground exactly and still others can or must be used with tubs or capsules.

The best portable coffee machines

Therefore, they correspond to different properties products also quite far apartwhich is the reason why choosing the right gadget strictly personal. Below we have grouped some of the best solutions out there that describe what they do and how they do it, to limit the circle as much as possible for anyone who wants to bring home a good product for a coffee that can be enjoyed anywhere.


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