Praise from the BBC in Trieste, the fantastic “coffee town”

Not just Naples: our entire peninsula has a remarkable food and wine heritage, where coffee is the prince. It’s at Trieste this very precious black gold finds its maximum splendor: even it BBC praises its great value (and its incredible goodness).

Trieste, the “coffee town” for the BBC

From early in the morning the air is filled with delicious aroma of coffee: this may seem like a description of any Italian city, but in Trieste the delicious hot drink has an advantage. It is here, on the streets of its historic center and from the doors of any bar, that breakfast is transformed into a magical moment. The Trieste tradition, when it comes to coffee, contains various typical delicacies: one of the most important is “Boss and B”, a mini cappuccino served on glass that is much appreciated in this geographical area. So much so that BBC he can not help but mention it, in praise of what he defines as “the coffee town”.

It is actually said that in Trieste you drink twice as much coffee that somewhere else in Italy, a passion is certainly facilitated by the fact that its port is the most important port in our country for these precious black beans. Not to mention that this remote town almost on the border with Slovenia boasts the birth of one of the most important coffee brands in the world, Illy.

And to think that for a long time the inhabitants of Trieste really could not appreciate the goodness of this drink. Probably arrived from Egypt in the distant 5th century it had in fact made its appearance for the first time in Venice. And thanks to its unique taste, it managed to lose the reputation of the “devil’s drink” that the pope had given it (before tasting it). Just a couple of centuries later, coffee came to Trieste. And it was love at the first sip.

The beauty of Trieste: in addition to coffee, there is more

Of course, Trieste is inevitably a fundamental part of the story of what it is the most popular drink of Italians. But it is also much, much more. Its fantastic Viennese-style cafés are just one of the many reasons why this city is definitely worth a visit. Its stunning Piazza Unità d’Italia, surrounded by beautiful neoclassical buildings behind it, has direct views of the Adriatic Sea and offers wonderful views of the entire Gulf of Trieste. Here it really seems to be able to go back in time, imagine very elegant ladies arm in arm with gentlemen dressed in all points.

Another place with great charm is Borgo Teresiano – also home to many nice cafes. It crosses the Grand Canal and offers a beautiful view of the church of Sant’Antonio Nuovo, the largest in the city. Trieste moves a bit from the historic center and hosts one of the real ones architectural wonders of our country. This is Miramare Castle, an enchanting noble villa with lovely views of the turquoise waters and surrounded by lush greenery. Many historical characters have stayed in its rooms, and even today it is possible to breathe a unique atmosphere by crossing impressive halls and richly decorated rooms.


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