protein coffee is the Tik Tok trend. What is it and where can you find it

Coffee and protein powder in a smoothie: that’s it Prof, the protein coffee that depopulated on Tik Tok and has now become a trend. Everyone wants to try it, between those who love it and those who just can’t take it!

What is Tik Tok Protein Coffee?

Of course, the curiosity about Profee is really great! Based on its name which is the union between the terms “Protein” and “Coffee”. It is made from an American coffee or a double espresso coffee to which ice and powdered proteins are added. A recipe launched by Tik Tok athletes and influencers that can be customized to taste. There are those who prefer to add plant-based milk, while those who flavor Proffee with cinnamon or a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder.

Proffee benefits and contraindications

As expected that of Profee is a trend that has split on social media. There are those who go crazy drinking it in the morning, and those who don’t appreciate it. In any case, the advice is never to skip meals, but to integrate Profee into a balanced diet, always ask your doctor for an opinion.

Where can you buy ready-made protein coffee?

Want to try the current trend on Tik Tok? Ready-made protein coffee is available on Amazon. Made with whey protein, this powder has a mild coffee flavor and high protein content. It can be prepared in minutes with the shaker and you can enjoy immediately. A quick and easy way to reveal on social networks if Profee is for you or not.

How to prepare Profee at home

Do you want to prepare Proffeen at home? Then take out the ingredients, mix them in a shaker according to the instructions and that’s it!

Instant coffee

Harness the power of instant coffee to make your Proffee. Then pour a teaspoon of product into a cup add warm water (but not boiling) and stir. For example, try Nescafé Gold, which has an intense aroma and excellent roasting. The 200 gram jar allows you to prepare 110 cups while the packaging is recyclable and keeps the taste intact.


Nescafé gold

Soluble coffee with a rich and velvety aroma

Protein powder

For protein powder, choose a product with a good aroma. For example, you can try Shape & Shake. The flavors available are many, from chocolate to salted caramel to vanilla, almond and coconut, hazelnut and banana. Low in sugar and lactose free, these proteins are ideal for making a Proffee at home.


When all the ingredients are prepared, all that remains is to mix them with the shaker. Amityunion one has one clickable strainer to avoid lumps, therefore it will not be necessary to mix for a long time. The shaker, with a modern design, is easy to clean, withstands both heat and cold. You can put it in the microwave, freezer or dishwasher, making it easier to use and clean. Plus it’s leak proof, for a perfect Proffee when you feel like it.


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