recycle them in this original and innovative way

Broken coffee cups: recycle them in this original and innovative way. Some tips that will make you appreciate these beautiful cups even more.

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The coffee cups Of course, they can not be missed in the homes of Italians, yes anyone has a large number of them and who often belong to different services. The more traditionalists may have the inherited, the classic ones that only come out on special occasions. In addition to these cases, copper is still widely used, this is a fact.

And the excessive consumption increases the probability that these can break – for example the handle – chips and therefore can not be more useful for their main purpose. You will not be able to enjoy the drink, but throwing away those cups would still be a mistake. So here’s how to go about giving them one other lives.

Broken coffee cups, the solution at hand

recycling of broken copper
Stacked coffee cups – Pixabay

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Given how often these cups can break or chip, it is right to find a quick fix that allows them to have a second life. For example, you can put them in the world of gardening: but how? Do not think absurd, the secret lies in its simplicity. First of all, it is advisable to fill a pool with water and dip a microfiber cloth in it. This will then practically fit into the cup and be immersed in the pool.

This step will be useful for drilling the hole in the center of the cup base and helping you with a screwdriver and hammer. When this is done, take the cup and dry it well. It is time to put the soil in it and then continue to insert a small and very beautiful plant. An original way and gracefully to beautify the home.

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The second idea of ​​recycling instead, it consists of turning the cup sideways and gluing it with a warm formulation in the middle of the dish. For a string from the cup arm, useful for hanging it. Fill the dish with bird food, it will be perfectly placed on the tree. Here are two ideas that you may have never imagined that can be absolutely useful.

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