Recycling of aluminum coffee capsules, the project “Da Chicco a Chicco” is also growing in Forlì-Cesena

Nespresso’s commitment and results are growing in Bologna, Forlì-Cesena, Modena, Ferrara and Rimini as part of the circular economy project for the recycling and recycling of aluminum coffee capsules in Italy. Once again, actually growing results for Nespresso’s program “From Chicco to Chicco”, which in 2021 made it possible to recover in Bologna, Forlì-Cesena, Modena, Ferrara and Rimini, thanks to the collaboration with CIAL (National Packaging Consortium Aluminum). ) and Hera Group, over 84 tonnes of aluminum capsules. A success that adds to the positive results achieved throughout Italy and made it possible to recycle more than 1,500 tonnes of spent aluminum capsules in 2021 – which is + 18% compared to 2020 -, 677 tonnes of spent coffee and 58 tonnes of aluminum from putting in circulation again. A good success noted by the circular economy program founded in 2011 by Nespresso in Italy, which is also confirmed by the results achieved on the peninsula during the first quarter of 2022, with the first 472 tons of capsules collected, + 13% compared to the same period of 2021.

Guaranteeing a second life for spent capsules through recycling is a commitment made by Nespresso in our country more than ten years ago, when it launched the first system in Italy for the recycling and recycling of used aluminum capsules, a strong approach to sustainability, environmental and socially, who has guided the company for over 30 years and in the awareness that coffee can truly be a force in the common good, capable of positively impacting societies, the environment and the climate. Principles that Nespresso has put at the center of its strategies by adopting a business model that respects the planet, and which has also made it possible to recently certify itself as a B Corp company. In Italy, this has also resulted in an immediate change of charter to a benefit company. , as well as in the continuity of actions and commitments implemented through the “Nespresso for Italy” program, to support the environmental, social and cultural heritage that makes Italy special, of which the “From Chicco to Chicco” project is a part.

Born in 2011 thanks to an agreement with CIAL (National Consortium of Aluminum Packaging), Utilitalia and CIC (Italian Composting Consortium), “Da Chicco a Chicco” allows customers to return their used aluminum capsules in the special recycling area inside Nespresso Boutiques and in the ecological islands partners of the initiative are distributed throughout the country, for a total of over 140 collection points in 79 Italian cities. Once collected by the separate collection service management companies, the used capsules are sent for processing and recycling at a plant where the aluminum is separated from the coffee: the aluminum is intended for the foundries to start the recycling process which he will convert it into new items such as pens, bicycles, small knives, while the depleted coffee is sent to a composting plant for conversion, which is then sold to a rice field in the province of Novara. The rice produced thanks to this natural fertilizer is then repurchased by Nespresso and finally donated to Banco Alimentare della Lombardia and Banco Alimentare del Lazio, to become an aid for those who need it most. To date, thanks to “Da Chicco a Chicco”, Nespresso has managed to donate over 4,000 quince rice equivalent to over 4 million dishes, which has enabled Nespresso to support around 300,000 people and 1,600 charities each year.

Which were the cities that in 2021 registered the most interesting figures when it comes to the collection of used capsules? It starts from Milan, where 220 tonnes of spent capsules were recycled last year, + 28% compared to 2020, to come to Rome which, by 200 tonnes, increased tonnes of capsules recovered by + 25% compared to 2020. Excellent results were also achieved in Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia: 160 tonnes, + 18% compared to the previous year, followed by the territory of Como, Brescia and Bergamo, which with 112 tonnes of spent capsules collected marks + 31% compared to 2020. Genoa, with over 69 tonnes, record + 17% compared to the previous year, while Venice increases tons of spent capsules recycled by 28%, with 53 tons collected in 2021. Padua and Trieste together collected in 2021 46 tons of capsules (+ 38%) and Monza almost 42 tons, + 73% compared to 24 in 2020. On the other hand, over 40 tonnes are recycled in Varese (+ 9%) compared to almost 39 in Treviso (+ 2%).

Naples and Palermo noted an excellent percentage increase: if the Neapolitan capital by 2020 managed to recycle just over a tonne of spent capsules, the collection would grow to almost 6 tonnes in 2021 (+ 324%). The same trend for Palermo, where more than 4 capsules were found, + 139% compared to 1,740 kg in 2020.


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