Reflections and emotions at the literary café in Pineto with Beppe Frattaroli –

PINETO – ‘Free in the Trap’ is the title of the musical and literary project created, written and created by Beppe Frattaroli (author, composer and arranger) with whom the artist from Bugnara initially tours many Italian cities and arouses great interest from the public and critics. The performance will be proposed on Sunday 24 July at 9 pm in Villa Filiani’s garden in Pineto as part of the literary café by Ernesto, CEO of Pineto Progetto Cultura, Ernesto Iezzi. ‘Free In The Trap’ was born to try to answer the questions that have always characterized the most important movements of the human soul: who are we? What are we moving behind? What emotions inhabit and dominate our heart? Can we recognize them? And if we are recognized, do we have the ability to freely choose which of them to accept or reject? If faith is present, what does it mean in our lives? If, on the other hand, it is absent, or we neglect it for a number of reasons, can this be to give up something fundamental that can benefit the meeting with ourselves and with others? These were the most pressing questions that Frattaroli tries to give a convincing answer to, inspired by the Ignatian spirituality, which was discovered in the late nineties. When the artist created the work, the artist used his musical and narrative art, which he proposes live through music, films, monologues, readings and author songs in Italian and Latin, a container for the public full of elements that leave free space for analysis on the many life issues.

“Why free in the trap and not free from the trap?” Frattaroli answers this question: “We will never have total freedom in this world; but we can strive to conquer ever greater areas of freedom, in order to gradually raise our level of consciousness “. ‘Liberi Nella trappola’ has become a book that is available in e-book and audiobook format in all digital stores and of course in the printed version, along with a documentary that traces the book’s chapters. This documentary is inserted into a latest generation 16 gigabyte 3.0 USB rewritable stick.

The literary café program continues on August 1 with Federico’s show “Todos locos por el futbol” Funny and Carlo Pizzingoni and directed by Davide Cavuti; August 9 is the inauguration of the photographer and author Fabio’s exhibition Bucciarelli with a dialogue on war and humanitarian crises through images. On the 14th there will be a reading concert for the narrator of ‘Sirene’ – Ulisse (1922) by James Joyce, curated by Massimiliano D’Aloiso and Aurora They open; the 21st author Remo Rapino with Pino Change it will hold a meeting – recital (with music by Davide Cavuti) based on the book: Life, death and miracles by Bonfiglio Liborio, winner of the Campiello Prize 2020. On August 30, the review ends with “The history of jazz piano” – In memory of the great pianists who disappeared with “The H Band”.

“Beppe Frattaroli is a much appreciated artist, as is his show – comments Iezzi – we are happy to host him in Pineto to be able to experience an evening full of reflections and emotions thanks to the proposed music, words and video contributions. The literary coffee always attracts a large and involved audience and we are proud of it. A sign that our efforts are appreciated by both locals and tourists. I thank everyone who makes these events possible in different ways “.

Grandma Frattaroli is a musician, songwriter and arranger, composer of music for theater, film, literary reviews, pop music, jingles for advertising, television programs and documentaries. The titles of his CDs in order of realization constantly recite a whole sentence: The journey – For something good – In free will – Collection and taste of the essence – In the self and in the other – Beatitudinem quaerens (Looking for bliss). He wrote and performed music for performances by Enrico Montesano – Ugo Pagliai – Paola Gassman and many others. He has curated the music for prestigious literature reviews and collaborated with, among others, Sergio Zavoli, Dacia Maraini, Pupi Avati, Erri De Luca, Edoardo Sanguineti. It boasts collaborations with Tosca, Paola Turci, Kay McCarthy, Ciro Caravano (Black by chance), Claudio Passavanti, Giulio Golia (Le Iene) Antonella Bucci, Mauro Mengali (Gold), the Portuguese singer Margarida Guerriero. Present in “AntoTòlogia” with Diana De Curtis (collection of DVDs by Lello Arena that tells the story of the prince of laughter: Totò). He has published the DVD “The journey continues”, a kind of filmed diary where the most important episodes of his career are reported. He edited the music for the short film “Lo so” by the actor’s director Gerardo Mastrodomenico. He made the music for the documentary “Answering a call”. Creator and organizer of the video “Voices in the silence” (tribute to Toni Del Monaco). Author and creator of the soundtrack to the film “With the wind in his chest – Contardo Ferrini’s life” by Alberto Di Giglio. He made the soundtrack to the documentary “Porziuncola porta del cielo” directed by Alberto Di Giglio. Main character in the video “Consuetudines” made by director Salvatore Metastasio. In 2017, directed by Alberto Di Giglio and Luigi Boneschi, he created the soundtrack to the movie “Troverai un cuore”. In 2015, Frattaroli had the honor of singing for Pope Francis in the Paul VI Hall. He has also performed in theaters, squares and clubs among the most important in Italy and Europe. He recently won the award “Mia Martini” as producer, author and arranger of singer Claire D with the song Solamente tu taken from the album “I want to live” so he is artistic director, author and arranger. He won the Pratola National Prize for the music section.

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