Reggio Caabria – Francesco Magris will start the cycle of literary cafes in August organized by Rhegium Julii

Francesco Magris will start the cycle of literary cafes in August organized by Rhegium Julii in the usual place of Circolo del tenni “Rocco Polimeni”.

Professor at the University”Francois Rabelais“From Tours (France) and son of the well-known writer and essayist Claudio, he graduated in Quantitative Economics from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) with a post doc at the University of Cambridge. He collaborates with various Italian and foreign newspapers with scientific and popular publications. In 2015 he was awarded the international prize “Città dello Stretto” for the value of his publications on issues related to the relationship between economy and society. He has published Tornaconti. Economics, literature and daily paradoxes in the era of the global marketand (SEI, 2000), Topology for economics (Clueb, 2006), The economy in your pocket. Practical Guide to Understanding Economic Phenomena and Principles (SEI, 2012), Gospel of wealth by Andrew Carnegie (Garzanti, 2007), Competition in scientific research (Bompiani, 2012), In the marginand (Bompiani, 2015).

This last book will be discussed during the literary café on August 1, because the center and the margin are never as today opposed, mixed and sometimes exchange the parts of the game for the conquest, extension and defense of concrete freedoms. Individual.

According to Magris, the idea of ​​margin crosses our lives more than we can imagine: the margin separates the center from the periphery or the border that every society has to face where there is economic and social marginalization.

The center and the periphery are places in constant change that intersect art, literature, economics and geography. Francesco Magris walks through these margins and looks at them from all sides and has fun deeply crossing all the borders he encounters.

The evening, introduced by Ezio Privitera, Pino Bova for the Tennis Club and Rhegium Julii and Natina Cristiani for the Lions Club Host respectively, will see the introduction of the author Aldo Nove and the speeches of Ilda Tripodi and Francesco Costantino.

The evening will be enriched with a painting exhibition entitled Colors of Time by the master Michele Praticò. The exhibition is scheduled to open already on July 31, at 19.30 with the authoritative speeches by Gabriele Quattrone and Paolo Morisani.

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