reusing them has never been easier

Coffee capsules, don’t throw them away! When you least expect it, they will come in handy. Reusing them is child’s play, unbelievable!

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The coffee is the drink that represents us in everyday life, we can give up other things but our espresso is sacred. Today we have the opportunity to taste it in different ways because there are different options on the market for everyone to be able to taste the way they see fit. While on the one hand we still have suede admirers, on the other hand there is the machine with its green formulations like the one equipped with a coffee grinder for pour a cold drink and tasty.

Or on the other hand the capsules, together with the pods which have become among the most fashionable. We find these coffee machines everywhere these days, many offices actually prefer the capsule but it is not a green act and can cause a significant impact on the environment. So let’s find out how we can reduce this prejudice for our beloved but tormented planet.

Coffee capsules try to give them a second life

Second life coffee capsules
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The skis obviously cannot be completely thrown away as they include the plastic cup, the aluminum layer and the organic material that its contents provide. If you empty them, you can create something incredible: after depriving the capsule of the now used coffee, just add more of it to the powder that is among coffee shelves for suede.

After filling everything, just add aluminum and seal well. At this point, all that remains is to insert it into the coffee machine and that’s it. It is advisable to make some clarifications about this technique as several users have encountered problems in practice.

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To prevent the capsule from exploding and a patatrac from occurring, cover the surface with a double layer of aluminum foil so that it is strong and everything is done in the best way. Someone else highlighted another aspect, namely that the coffee bean for mocha is less fine than that for the machine, therefore analyze that consistency is lacking this difference.

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