Risotto with butter and coffee, a delicious gourmet creation that must be tried

Few ingredients but a unique and refined taste, butter and coffee risotto is a gourmet dish that surprises and can be enjoyed with pleasure. It is done very easily, but with proper precautions. Here is the recipe.

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It definitely is one gourmet dishrefined and refined in the choice of ingredients, few and simple, but artfully combined for a spectacular result.

The risotto with butter and coffee it can surprise and at first leave a little confused, especially those who love classic flavors and are not inclined to experiment with new flavors. But then even the most reluctant, after tasting it, can only succumb to its goodness.

Has a delicate aromaa base with a preponderance of Butter and a good amount Parmesan that flavor it, but that’s it contrast with coffee to make it special and give it a special character.

It is done very simply, but you have to follow all the steps for the risotto to be perfect. To be superlative, the most basic preparations really need attention to detail.

Then the rest will be done by the unique and unmistakable aroma of coffee which, for this dish, shifts its usual intended use and from the sphere of drinks or sweets becomes an element that defines an appetizer.

Here is the recipe in detail to know everything you need and the step-by-step instructions to get a surprising result.

Ingredients and preparation of the risotto with butter and coffee

It is important to butter is of good quality, a mountain butter for example is a good choice. The coffee to be used instead must be there ground powder and certainly not the soluble one.


risotto butter coffee recipe
Burro (Image by rodeopix from Pixabay)

Ingredients for 4 people)

  • 350 g Carnaroli rice
  • 1 l of vegetable broth
  • 90 g of butter
  • 130 g grated Parmigiano Reggiano Dip
  • Salt to taste
  • 3 coffee beans
  • Ground coffee to taste

PREPARATION (about 25 minutes)

To get started, the first thing you need to do is prepare or heat the vegetable broth prepared. Then in a large pan toast the rice for a few minutes together with a pinch of salt.

Then continue cooking the risotto put in one ladleful of broth at a time, stirring occasionally so that the rice does not stick to the bottom, and add the next ladle only when the previous one has been absorbed.

At the beginning of cooking also put in the coffee beanswhich will permeate the whole with the unmistakable aroma.

Once the risotto has formed and is ready, the important step is to pour the diced butter and parmesan torn and whisk stir gently so that everything is mixed perfectly.

risotto butter coffee recipe
Coffee (photo by Ready Made by Pexels)

All that remains is to earn and sprinkle a sprinkle of coffee on each plate in powder. Finally, serve immediately hot, steaming and melting. It is sublime!

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