Road to Venditalia 2022. A preview of the CIDA news

Campaign frying CIDA srltrademark owner MokaMoka coffee and esteemed partner for third-party processing, with these words he encourages everyone to visit the booth to learn about the news that the company has developed in recent years.

Everyone who knows us knows that CIDA started small by doing its utmost and entering the third party roasting sector, offering more and more choices and constantly enriching its catalog with new products and new customization options. We have turned our love of coffee into a job in the service of others, to share this passion and the knowledge acquired in the field over the years with everyone working in the sector, and when we think about it now we are really happy and proud to have come a long way and experience of keeping up to date a respected name synonymous with quality.
Our team consists of passionate and experienced people in the industry who guarantee a constant commitment as well utmost accuracy to meet customer needs; the contact with the staff is actually direct and friendly so that you always have a name to turn to when needed. Precisely because all staff, owners and employees, put their heart into their work, the accident that hit our factory on July 26 was a tragedy that was greater than the eye from the outside could warn: we have not seen burning among building flames, but our second home where our plans and hopes for the future were kept.
However, it is not our style to break down, even if we fell and were seriously injured by it, in reality we only stopped for a moment to restart faster and more charged than before, even more ambitious and with many ideas to make a comeback.
Our presence at Venditalia 2022 is also on display the new proposals for available products, both for third parties and under the MokaMoka coffee brandincluding the elegant ones aluminum capsulesthe environmentally friendly self-protected compostableme and me new practical bags with twenty capsules; in addition, the coffee brand MokaMoka presents itself for the first time with its new face and the entire product range redesigned by our internal graphics department.
We are waiting for you in Hall 4 – booth C-101 to offer a coffee.

Come and discover all the news presented at Venditalia.
Enter the fair for free by registering via the link

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