roasted coffee with the sun’s rays

Coffee in Italy is much more than a simple drink, it is a symbol of culture and tradition and for many a real ritual. Unsurprisingly, Italian espresso coffee was nominated for a UNESCO heritage at the beginning of the year. At the gates to


tradition linked to coffee thanks

newly started Digitarch Farm

has begun to look towards a greener and more sustainable future. where

PuroSole coffee roasting

it is part of the global trend with the green economy aimed at reducing the CO2 emissions produced.


From the intuition of Digitarch Farm, this outdoor rusting company was born

a unique organic coffee in the world, without the production of electricity or CO2 emissions

. Here, in an area of ​​about 200 square meters,

“sun coffee” is roasted exclusively with the sun’s rays

thanks to an innovative and patented system in Italy.

The great thing about this system is that it does not need to burn gas, firewood or anything else and it works both in summer and in winter, as long as there is sun“Explains Antonio Durbè, co-founder of PuroSole. “Sunlight is concentrated in the roasting point thanks to a heliostat built with 100/160 mirrors, it penetrates raw coffee (still green) which in a few minutes changes color and releases its aroma. This is the most natural and healthiest there is“.

The first coffee in the world without environmental impact. The system captures about 15 kW of sun, which means that 5 to 10 kg of coffee can be roasted every 15 minutes and compared to traditional roasting, about 400 kg of CO2 is avoided for every 1,000 kg of coffee produced. The result is an environmentally friendly and fine coffee blend called Nero22 and comes from selected plantations.


Thanks to better uniformity in the degree of roasting between the outer part and the inner part of the bean and a greater preservation of its natural properties with concomitant improvement of its organoleptic properties. This is because sun roasting makes it possible to obtain uniformly roasted beans in a shorter time compared to traditional techniques.“Underlines Daniele Tommei, co-founder of PuroSole.

The perfect example of a heli-Italian excellence that looks at innovation with respect for the environment.

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