Rome, the outdoor tables help the recovery, but down to the cafes at the bar

TO Rome between 2020 and 2021 increased revenues by 60% in the catering industry. The profit? Concessions for occupation of public land linked to the Covid emergency. This is according to the latest report on the guest that was discussed during the extraordinary council in Fiepet Confesercenti on the tourism crisis in the capital. In particular, the Federal Council, which brings together public and tourist exhibitors, noted a “slight restart also due to the entry into force of the emergency hospitals, which registered a change in consumption patterns for users, who preferred coziness outside”.

In Rome between 2020 and 2021, revenues increased by 60% in the catering industry

This is for the “glass half full”. Indeed, data for 2021 compared to 2019 show a 28% decline in the restaurant sector in Rome and its province with a deadweight loss of the so-called “bar segment” of only 45% of coffee consumption, “also due to the effects of the loss of mass tourism and the continuation of smart work that has seen a reduction in the presence in the city “.

The historic city center was most affected, with -15% noted compared to other districts in the capital. These are figures that “reflect the national trends in the art cities and in this regard, the Fiepet-Confesercenti National Council has asked the political forces to support the tourism sector” in these places which “are currently most affected”.

In particular, «in order for there to be a further recovery also in 2022, it is necessary to confirm the emergency hospitals, which are currently approved by Parliament only until next June 30 and at the request of Confesercenti. If they were not extended, about 12,000 people would risk their jobs and close at least 1,400 companies, with serious repercussions on the entire supply chain, from wholesalers to producers up to logistics.

For Claudio Pica, President of Fiepet-Confesercenti Rome and Lazio, as reported by Corriere «, it is therefore necessary not to waste what has been built up to now. We ask Mayor Gualtieri and the Councilors for Trade and Tourism Lucarelli and Onorato to extend the occupation of public emergency land until next December 2022. It would be a measure of common sense to support Roman small and medium-sized enterprises and thousands of families, otherwise we would face a social bomb. We also hope – concludes Pica – that there will be a confrontation in the hospitals between the capitol administration, the state and municipal surveillance to establish a new regulation that can set new criteria for aspen in the capital’s territory ».

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