Scamacca and Koulibaly: Crossing Fates in the Premier League – A Coffee with Diez

It is known that breakfast is the best time of the day. In the section “a coffee with Diez“We will go and summarize what happened yesterday, also present what will happen today.


The adventure of KK with the shirt off Naples has come to an end. After weeks of appearing engaged to Juventus, an agreement was reached Chelsea. The center seems to have found the square with the club Londonbo based on a 5-year contract from 10 million more bonuses. Blues today should close the deal with Napoli, which for approx 40 million it could drop the Senegalese pillar.

After saying goodbye Rudiger And Christensen therefore, Chelsea threw themselves headlong on Koulibaly and within the next few hours, the deal can be finalized definitively.


Gianluca Scamacca in this summer market it has become the subject of many great Europeans. Before Milan And Interthen PSG and finally West Ham. The high demands on Carnivals they did away with any law, but did not Al Khelaifi which seemed to be in pole position to be able to bring the blue under the Eiffel Tower. In recent hours, however, has from the elite series West Ham got ahead, which with a bid from 40 million plus bonuses it seems to have burned the Parisian competition, which caused Sassuolo.

The negotiation already results in advanced level, where the English club offers about 5 million more than PSG offers. However, the boy is fascinated by the Parisian proposal, especially for it Master and for the big names he could play with, but is also stimulated by a possible adventure in the Premier League, where he could much more likely do holder.

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