Sciascia Caffè 1919 extends the brand with a prestigious franchise to bring excellence to the world

Claudio Farina, administrator of the historic cafe in the capital, describes the content of the internationalization project for the famous brand.

Rome, November 24, 2022. Expanding a historic brand like Sciascia Caffè 1919 in Italy and in the rest of the world by making known to an ever-increasing clientele the precious blends of the drink, which has given and gives so much prestige to our country, and in front all the famous dark chocolate coffee of the highest quality appreciated throughout Italy: this is the goal of Claudio Farina, CEO of the famous cafe and coffee roastery in Rome, which has recently launched an important franchise network.

«The project to start a franchise of the brand – explains Farina – had been planned for a few years, but unfortunately the lockdown has extended the times: now we are finally ready to carry out what was planned. This is a new and stimulating challenge that sees our successful brand as the protagonist, now ready to cross the borders of the capital. In fact, we are evaluating various requests from owners of bars and clubs both in Italy and abroad: the contacts are many and we plan to expand to London, Paris and Dubai as well. The franchise is intended for you who already own a cafeteria or restaurant business and want to acquire our expertise by using one of the most popular brands on the market, that of Sciascia Caffè 1919. For you who are interested and motivated to take up this opportunity we have studied three connection formats: the more contained “small” type, consisting of a tasting corner only for our blends, which could perhaps be inserted in shopping malls, airports or railway stations, the “medium” formula, like a bistro, basically a bar with a cold table and patisserie, and the larger solution, called “large”, with bar, large catering service and patisserie».

Sharing the values ​​of Sciascia Caffè means not only acquiring a brand, but above all adopting the same principles of quality and historicity: this Roman reality in via Fabio Massimo, which over time has opened a second branch in via Sabotino with Sciascia Caffè Mazzini, draws originated from the famous name. The place was founded more than 100 years ago by Adolfo Sciascia, a relative of the more famous Leonardo, a great interpreter of 20th century literature, and immediately established itself as an excellent café also frequented by writers, artists and actors. The first producer in Rome of marsala all’uovo, Adolfo deserves credit for creating an exclusive specialty with this liqueur, “Sciascino”, so delicious that he deserved a dedication from Trilussa. Today, the historical memory of the cafeteria is Adolfo, homonymous nephew of the founder, who over the years has made the prestigious meeting place the point of reference for those who want to take a break and try the famous chocolate coffee or shop for gourmet products such as such as tea, pasta or regional delicacies… or simply for those who want to enjoy an aperitif with friends, breathing in the atmosphere of a bar that has written history. Claudio Farina, who has run the place for a decade, has recently also wanted to give an innovative boost to the business by enriching it with a modern website and a convenient online store where it is possible to order delicious coffee and choose gourmet and house pastries. Now is the time for Sciascia to step up and become an international brand.


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