Scratch and win, he drinks a coffee and his life suddenly changes: what happened

The news is on Wednesday morning, where despite the low temperatures, the man went to the bar and won 500 thousand euros by buying a lucky scratch card in the bar “Leeward Islands”, in Cesenatico.

The cold air did not stop the man from the breakfast ritual taken in the bar, but this time it was something new, in fact the lucky one found one of the rare winning scratch cards and managed to win 500 thousand euros.

500 thousand euro scratch card –

Who won?

On Wednesday morning, the thermometer showed a temperature below 12 degrees and yet the fresh air did not prevent the sixty-year-old from having breakfast at the “Leeward Islands” bar, a few kilometers from the coast.

The gentleman, perhaps thanks to the smell of the salt, has decided to invest 5 euros to try his luck and has lived an experience that will surely not be forgotten. The Scratch and Win chosen that day included a novelty that had recently been put into circulation, a Scratch and Win called “Fai 13”.

That morning, the still unknown sixty-year-old was kissed by luck, which made him win the maximum amount suggested by Scratch and Win: 500 thousand euros. Not a bad profit considering many people are struggling to manage their wages due to inflation and rising costs and those with a similar figure could have peaceful dreams for quite some time.

sir wins 500 thousand euros in the bar -
sir wins 500 thousand euros in the bar –

The happy bar

The bar “Leeward Islands”, which is located 2 km from the coast of the Adriatic Sea, is run by two Chinese spouses, very happy for the victory of their regular customer and the owner said: “We are very happy for the winner, he is a customer who is more than 60 years old. He played Wednesday morning practically at dawn, at that moment my husband was in the bar, he is a regular customer of ours who took a scratch card and a coffee. Many people are looking for luck, but here with us there has never been such a big win”.

The sixty-year-old has no known identity yet, but listening to the couple’s words, it can be assumed that he is a local, unfortunately, the identity currently stops at this detail.

It is therefore not a surprise to learn that after discovering this amazing story, many have turned to the owner couple in the hope of being able to get another winning scratch card, along with breakfast and a newspaper.

Who knows if this event doesn’t happen again to some other lucky person in the same place or maybe in the nearby bars, giving a person the opportunity to change their life or be able to have some more savings for the future.

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