Shaman mothers and the smell of coffee

The idea was to take a bath (skipped), to go to the opening ceremony (missed) and to see the first movie in the square (lost). So you run away from Rachele as usual, because there it’s like being on the shore of Maggia, people run away and every now and then there are pleasant waves. As Sina, a smart one, you find that she is your follower on Facebook, watch the case of life. He says that after coffee he will leave, instead you will be stuck there for hours with the former florist love of his life. Ale sees Ambrì’s Cuban uncle and bursts into laughter: “Locarno, caput mundi!” (Solari dixit).

There is no longer the guy from Belgium who dropped beer (you will discover that he has become a father of twins): in his place one with nail polish and the backpack of a child. Behind a guy wearing a T-shirt with Carrà’s face: he says he had trouble finding it (the shirt, not Carrà). If there is a confirmation of what you believe, it is that Locarno never goes to Lugano. You know a teacher and an educator, both of whom are beautiful, but the latter has too many tattoos, not to mention the facial piercings.

Above you is the new festival sign. The daughter of the tough Ornella asks your opinion: it’s boring, answer. And she: yes, especially that eye in the corner that seems to be crying. At the tables on the left is a Locarno version of Michele Placido, clean shaven. Don’t miss the revival at the Grand Hotel, the Garden and blah blah of course. The Serbian guy wearing all black walks away, you don’t understand how he does in hot weather. You know that many restaurateurs are in crisis with the turnout that exists, and unnecessary to do it on purpose, Mr. Gastro, Beltrami: will he have heard you? You want to buy tobacco but the gas station shops close at eight o’clock already and you say to yourself: that’s absurd! Out to the screen to wait for a friend.

Here are three cute moms from La Maggia but not very sociable: they say you’re interrupting their “shamanic moment”. Mmh, since when does shamanism happen in public places? Okay bye. The two young artists from Brussels met on Tinder and are bursting with love. But your friend, forget one night’s adventures, maybe you are no longer of age. At the counter, a mother urges her son to get the two francs to put the glass back: infinite patience. The problem here is always the same: the waiters are not waiters, but actors, but nice. The two colleagues of the ‘Tessiner Zeitung’ are not very talkative. You know the painter Monica and her teacher friend, happy and smiling, oh, finally. You don’t get angry when the guy spills coffee on his fingers. It is an aroma that you will also feel the next day.

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