Sisyphus is on a coffee break

Theater and jazz improvisation leads to the uniqueness of the theatrical event, thanks to the fact that part of the creation is moved from rehearsals to performance. The whole research therefore does not end during the repetitions, where perfection of the execution is not sought, but remains during each repetition. In this way, the opportunity provided by the theater’s unique to be the only art (along with live music) that has the same execution and creation is translated.

The story follows the lines of a melò where the intertwining of three lives (Sisifo, Niccolò and Arianna) ruled by a voice (The Mother of Sisyphus) confronts the theme of dissatisfaction, the search for perfection.

The actions on stage do not only go through the actors’ (name) gestures and words but are strongly influenced by the music. It is the rhythm of the gongs, drums and Tibetan bells that runs from Sisyphus to Niccolò and intertwines two existences at the antipodes.
The feminine is embodied by Arianna and Agata (her daughter), two names that already in their structure have the letter A in the middle.

The music and the interpretation, as well as the events of his life, will be circular, will repeat themselves, varying from time to time depending on the situation. In addition, Arianna, who in the story tries to control the lives of the two men, will also appear as such in the show, which acts on the light console, (which is on stage) and operates directly on a shaper, of which she will control the fire, the knives and the sight.

Trastevere Theater Kulturförening
in collaboration with Teatro Forsennato


Elisa Carucci, Dario Aggioli
sound alchemy
Marco Della Rocca (drums, gongs and Tibetan bells)
conceived and directed by
Dario Aggioli

from 10 to 13 March 2022

Trastevere Theater Place of Ideas
via Jacopa de ‘Settesoli 3, 00153 Rom
from Thursday to Saturday at 21.00, Sunday at 17.30
full tickets 12 – reduced 10 (membership card required)
Contacts: 065814004
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Press agency: Vania Lai


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