Social theater in Como & Caffè Milani

Saturday October 1, Caffè Milani celebrates its first 85 years on the occasion of International Coffee Day. A day dedicated to the history of Milan, yes, but above all to the present and the futurea day when different worlds meet to talk about the brand and coffee from different points of view, also through collaboration with the theater in the city of Como.

International Coffee Day is the moment when this drink is celebrated worldwide, which expresses well the concept of inclusion and meeting: coffee is the protagonist in the West as in the East, in South America as in Europe, in Africa as in Indonesia, in Asian and American metropolises and in New Zealand .

On Saturday, October 1st, the morning dedicated to Caffè Milani will begin with a short meeting with the press and with the authorities, to talk about what has been done in 2022 and to present the sustainability manifesto, a document that will help trace the routes of the company’s future activities.

This will be followed by a moment dedicated to performing arts and theater signed Teatro Sociale di Como and established in a collaborative relationship that has a territorial and cultural connection, based on common values. Two different worlds but which meet because both speak of inclusion, diversity, fusion that generates creativity and novelty. In addition, Caffè Milani and Teatro Sociale share a vision of sustainability, not only environmentally but also socially and economically.

The performance at the Teatro Sociale di Como will start at 12:00 and will unfold in different parts of the Caffè Milani exhibition space, on a path that will lead the public to the land of coffee, through the rituals and music that represent them.

It will start fromIndia with the hymn to the earth, presented by the voice of Sara Zanobbio and percussion by Riccardo Curcio. Next we will go to Brazilwith composer João Pernambuco and his friends Sons de carrilhões, accompanied by Davide Crenna’s guitar. The next stop will bring in the crowd Papua New Guinea with some readings dedicated to coffee from the voice of Cristina Quadrio. Last stop in Ethiopia, with the evocative coffee ceremony.

Teatro Sociale di Como – AsLiCo and Caffè Milani have collaborated together for several years, since the well-known coffee company has chosen to support the theater by becoming an Associate, thus creating a solid and constructive bond – he says Simona Roveda, President of Como Social Theater – AsLiCo. In this moment, the two realities find themselves striving for the common goal of sustainability, in all its different aspects, environmental, economic and social, because with more awareness and commitment than all of us, we can change the future. For this reason, it is a pleasure to be able to celebrate 85 years of activity with them, to participate in the best way we have, that is with culture and music, bringing our art into the aromatic world of coffee.”

The relationship with Teatro Sociale was born almost spontaneously, as we share common values: the improvement of the territory, the social, environmental and economic sustainability of our projects, the intercultural and international vision – pointing out Elisabetta Milani, marketing and communications manager for Caffè Milani. – That is why we asked to join us in this great party that wants to open a window to the future of the company and that will focus on the values ​​that are part of both realities.“.


Caffè Milani wants to celebrate this important stage with everyone who is curious to know more about the beans and the journey they make from their countries of origin to our cups.

For this reason, the doors of the Milani exhibition space will open on Sunday, October 2, a real museum dedicated to coffee that will allow you to immerse yourself in its history and discover the transformation of our society through this precious drink.

Participation is free but booking is required through the qr code on the posters or at the link


1937, Como: Celestino Milani’s divine roaster decides to buy a small local roaster and leaves his life as a bartender behind without ever forgetting it. So was born Milani coffeeit gives three generations sees the family, now in the people of Pierluigi, Celestino’s son, and his two sons Elisabetta and Mattia, roasting coffee and above all giving life to projects, initiatives and products that express life’s passion.

Meanwhile, in the 70s, Caffè Milani moved from Como to Lipomo, and in 2017, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary, it was inaugurated inside the brand’s headquarters, Caffè Milani exhibition, a multifunctional space where you can experience coffee in 360 °. Here, the aroma of coffee is combined with a place designed for education, visits to the company, with a path dedicated to the history of the company, and a museum space where you can visit a micro-plantation of coffee and find unique design details that help explain the evolution of the espresso ritual over time.

A cup of coffee is never just a cup of coffee: behind the beans that have been ground to produce there is a whole world, made up of places, stories, people intertwining, hands performing skilful gestures, ports, research, design, study.

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