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SOMALIA – In the Sool region of Somaliland, the plant that makes the water in Caynabo well drinkable thanks to Genius Watter, who has applied his sun cleansing project in the area. As we learn from a press release from Genius Watter, the company has been identified as a strategic partner by Aptech Africa, a Ugandan company that won the procurement of the UN Development Program (UNDP) to build the solar water treatment plant in Caynabo, a dry territory in an isolated area on the plateau. “We are proud to have been selected for the Undp project for our expertise, but above all for having contributed to improving the quality of life in the Caynabo community. This is what makes our work fantastic, and we plan to continue to take our technology around the world where it is needed, says Dario Traverso, CEO of Genius Watter. In Somaliland, as in almost everything in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel, it was the worst drought in the last decade, with four seasons without rain. In total, across Somali territory, according to the UN, almost 700,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in search of food and water, and the number continues to rise. Making drinking water available that can be easily distributed to the population is therefore a priority and fundamental to avoiding recurring crises and humanitarian emergencies, specified in the note by Genius Watter. As part of the UN tender, Genius Watter was entrusted with the design, start-up, testing and remote control, including maintenance controls. Based on the existing well with polluted and salt water, unsuitable for human consumption, the new solar desalination plant, which was commissioned in April, now guarantees quality, clean and hygienically safe drinking water to the population of Caynabo and small neighboring villages, for a total of about 10,000 people. The proposed and implemented solution is based on the company’s exclusive technology. Genius Watter has designed and patented an innovative saltwater desalination system, whether sea or groundwater, with reverse osmosis powered entirely by solar energy that does not require batteries, which can also be implanted in remote areas without network connection. The entire system is containerized and automated, works perfectly synchronously with the sun, guarantees high performance over time and the expected duration is over 30 years. Another peculiarity: the plant and its efficiency can be monitored and managed remotely. As part of the Caynabo project, Genius Watter trained the project partners, Aptech Africa and Seccco, a Somali company in the solar cell sector, on the technical characteristics and operation of the desalination plant with a view to installation and subsequent on-site activities. Thanks to the Genius Watter system, it is today possible to access safe and sustainable drinking water (approx. 50 m³ / day stored in a flexible tank ready for later consumption), at an affordable price, with four water outlets for private individuals and one for tankers for pickup during the day. Prior to the intervention funded by Undp, ​​drinking water was transported by tanker from a center located two hours away, at high costs that the poorest population could not afford and therefore consumed the well’s polluted and saline water, with consequent health and hygiene problems. The statement reminds us that the same system has been set up in Cape Verde, for the benefit of a rural community. The genius Watter intervened in Varandinha, on the island of Boa Vista, to address the severe water crisis that forced farmers to abandon their crops. Boa Vista is a virtually deserted island, there are aquifers, but excessive use and low rainfall cause an increase in salinity. Irrigation with brackish water generates progressive soil infertility and reduced yields. Genius Water’s new solar desalination plant now delivers 75 m3 of clean water, partially purified, at an affordable price. Today, the arable area has doubled, which guarantees a sufficient supply for the market by attracting new labor. Even in this case, the plant can be remotely controlled and controlled, and local technicians and engineers have been trained for maintenance and intervention on site. Genius Watter was born in 2018 but has over 40 years of experience in solar energy behind him, especially in Africa. Common characteristics of the projects carried out by the company are resilience – the guarantee of long duration over time – and sustainability, whose key principles are typical of the company’s technologies, methods and business methods. Genius Watter carries out humanitarian projects, within the framework of international cooperation and for the benefit of communities, and ecological transformation and restoration projects of buildings and facilities for companies, hotels and private individuals, whose focus is desalination of water. The company recently received two major awards at the Afsia Solar Awards 2021. The “Solar Innovation of the Year” award for its reverse osmosis desalination technology of solar energy, and the “Lifetime Achievement of the Year” award is given to co-founder and president Franco Traverso, father of the young CEO Dario Traverso, for his 40 years of experience in the solar energy sector and his significant long-term contribution to the development of the African solar energy industry. [VGM]


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