Sunday coffee with Donatella Alamprese, perfume from Baires.

Scene from … old milonga, of “tangheri” between tables and chairs in the cafes of the old Argentine capital, a slightly decadent atmosphere imbued with nostalgia … But Donatella Alamprese’s voice and art is this and much, much more .. Singer defined as “inclusive”, he swings with ease in music genres, but “tango” remains his … home. Songs by Gardel, Piazzolla, Blazquez and Cosentino traveled the world with great success among audiences and critics.

Donatella, is tango an inclination or a choice in progress?
“My grandmother was from Buenos Aires and my father sang Gardel when he accompanied himself on mandolin. Only after his death in 2002 did I begin to appreciate this genre and my encounter with guitarist Marco Giacomini and a piece Gardel played by him was crucial. It was like an awakening and it became my way of being, feeling life like a big hug. Live every moment with gratitude and look for a constant development. And, as Marechal says “tango is an infinite possibility …”

Is there a secret to singing tango?
“Sincerity, to be true, to say to oneself without a mask. Great contemporary composers that I collaborate with like Cosentino or the poetess Marta Pizzo are direct and grandiose characters who can reach the heart while remaining humble. Not surprisingly, my latest work is entitled “Tango sin carmen” and that is without lipstick. With the arrangements of Marco Giacomini, a naked, important tango that flows like life itself. “

Donatella, how do we make coffee?
“Strong, black and hot. Thank you ..”

Potentina, but now adopted by Valdarno.
“I love the place where I live, I like people and peace, to walk in the woods or along the beaches. My beloved cats, a source of inspiration .. “

But what do you bring with you from your beautiful country?
“Humility, strength, passion and even a pinch of irony. We have a big heart and it was a source of great pride for me to receive the most coveted award in my city, Potenza. I’m also part of the Lucanian cultural association in Florence, which deals with music and theater. “

Do you think you are a “niche” artist, maybe a little far from great popularity?
“Yes, I think. I started with television, chosen by Arbore for” All Back “and” Doc “, where I also had a good success, but then pushed something deeper towards a path of musical quality, difficult but satisfying. I am proud of the latest project supported by the metropolitan city of Florence and the Franceschini Foundation, designed to include the most delicate subjects, where I tell about those who are marginalized and struggle to have a dignified space for their lives.I love to sing in many language, to establish real communication with those who listen to me. The freedom to create uncompromising paths is crucial for me and my audience … know that. That’s why I love theater so much. “

What awaits us around the corner?
“For several years now, I have chosen the Castello Theater in Florence as the venue for my debuts. I am elated when I think of the date Saturday, April 2 (repeat the next day) when I will stage a project that consists entirely of original pieces with music by Gianni Vergelli, directed by Mariano Ancillotti and the scenes by Cecilia Micolano. The title “Unknown Flag” is a strong proposal, with Marco Giacomini on guitar, Andrea Tinacci on clarinet, Amedeo Ronga on bass and Paolo Casu on percussion. Then I would like to start traveling again.”

Current events require us to talk about the war in Ukraine …
“I’m sad and terrified. I spent six months in that country on a scholarship to Kharkov Polytechnic as a university student and I know the generous and proud people. I just feel like … crying, I hope a candle will light up the minds of these mighty villains. “

Donatella defines tango as her natural inclination, a belly band and a return to origin. Time has passed … since her father’s and grandmother’s songs, but her art today is alive, open, ancient and just as contemporary …. beautiful … as she is when she rides the stage with all her charm and soul.

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