Sustainable fashion, the coffee bag becomes a fashion bag (2022-09-01)

Coffee becomes fashion, with the eco-sustainable fashion line launched by Caffè Milani, in collaboration with the social cooperative In-prese, a reality of Carate Brianza (Mb) dealing with vocational training, job placement, school support and aggregation for children of compulsory education age.

For its 85th anniversary, the roasting company that for three generations has carried the passion for the Italians’ favorite drink has decided to dedicate itself to the development of projects that focus on 360 degree social, environmental and economic sustainability., under the hat of the hashtag # CaffèMilani85. The initiative is also linked to the world of craftsmanship – the excellence of the boot – uniting two sectors that seem distant but in reality are united by manual skills and a love for a job well done.

It is in this context that the collaboration with In-prese has begun, with which the company has created a range of exclusive eco-fashion accessories, handmade from waste materials from the coffee industry: bags, clutches and backpacks that will draw a true line of objects through reuse. This is a limited collection, which is already available from August 29 on the Caffè Milani website and can also be purchased from October in the Caffè & Caffè brand stores (located in Como, Lecco, Monza and Padua). Each product, made of jute and rolls, will be unique and will feature the artisanal skills of the youth of In-prese, involved in two workshops, tailoring and creativity. After the first edition of the initiative, others will be created, again in limited numbers. “Our eco-fashion accessories carry many messages,” he emphasizes Elisabetta Milani, marketing and communications manager for the company. “Certainly sustainability, but also inclusion, solidarity, training as well as the taste and imagination of the Italian style that Caffè Milani recognizes in and which is the carrier of the many international markets where it is present”.

The planning program linked to the company’s 85th anniversary will culminate in an event on the occasion of World Coffee Day, which will be held on October 1; the next day, however, there will be an open day, where all the public, after reservation (on this link), will be able to visit the company, the exhibition and the unprecedented collection of antique coffee machines, which contains the history of the company over 300 years.

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