TACOPINA: “SPAL my last Italian stop. Too much talk and coffee to get along in Italy …”

Joe Tacopina, patron of SPAL, returns to the decision to take over the Ferrara club after the lack of agreement with Catania by talking to Off the field. These are statements released by lospallino.com:

“That with SPAL was too good an opportunity to miss. There is talk of a team representing a wonderful city and as soon as I saw the numbers I was quickly convinced. SPAL was one of very few teams that could win three years in a row before the pandemic This is something extremely rare in Italian football. I have an Italian family by my side as my main partner, but I do not want his identity to be revealed at the moment. The common project is to make SPAL a club that can be competitive and sustainable. on its own, as in the case of Atalanta.

“Business in Italy? I realize I’m pretty impatient with people. My parents were from Italy, but when it comes to certain things, I prefer to cut it short. However, this is not always possible, and it’s frustrating. Here we’re arranging a meeting and having a coffee. Two months later it’s a new meeting, more talk, more coffee. F ***** or all that. I’m interested in having a meeting, deciding the next step, and if things are not done “within a week I will make the second meeting very unpleasant. I treat everyone with due respect, but I always push hard. Because that’s how things are done.”

“Football for me is 50% business, 50% passion. If I had only thought about money, I probably would not have been involved in Italian football. I would become a lawyer for a fee of 1,800 dollars an hour. But my life has never acted For SPAL, I try to be in Italy at least two weeks a month. It’s certainly passion, but there can also be a financial reward. One does not exclude the other. In Bologna, I made good money within eleven months: when I sold my shares I collected four or five times the initial investment.I feel like saying that this is my last stop in Italian football, this is the big final.I have guaranteed it to myself, my partners and my family.It there is no better place for me to be president ”.

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