Goglio revolutionizes coffee treatment with two …

Among the largest players in the world in flexible packaging, Goglio revolutionizes the world of food packaging by presenting advertising Ipack-Ima GStar, the first vacuum and soft packaging machine that can produce up to 200 packages per minute, twice as fast as the best performing machines on the market at present. G star The new … Read more

Forget suede! If you suffer from high cholesterol, this is the best type of coffee you can drink to avoid increased heart risk.

Different types of coffee will lead to different effects on the cholesterol levels present in the blood, even different between men and women, let’s see together why. @ zmeika / 123rf.com Keep your own in mind cholesterol levels next time you want to drink a cup coffee It can be crucial if you want to … Read more

Dandelion coffee, the decaffeinated alternative to be prepared free of charge from the dandelion

Easy to prepare and good to taste, dandelion coffee is the right alternative to the classic coffee. Let us find out all the benefits, properties and how to make this drink from dandelion at home. © Larisa69 / 123rf Coffee off dandelion it is a coffee, but without caffeine, for this reason, along with chicory … Read more

Moka or espresso? The type of coffee you drink can also increase your cholesterol and the risk of heart attack (especially if you are a man)

Heavy espresso users are more likely to develop heart disease, such as stroke and heart attack, due to rising blood cholesterol levels, according to new research. © Artoleshko / 123rf According to a new study, coffee consumers should pay more attention to the type of coffee they drink, to reduce the risk of developing heart … Read more

Fresh, informal and welcoming: in Pavia there is Fratellino Caffè e Pizza

Loffer of taste and Pavia expands. With class. Thanks to Fratellino coffee and pizza, a new modern space that has animated the heart of Pavia for a few days. The new premises it follows the already well-known Lino, bistro and gourmet restaurantand is characterized by a very innovative and multifaceted proposal for catering and for … Read more

This is the quality of coffee among the most beloved and appreciated that will disappear first due to the climate crisis

The climate crisis is also threatening our crops and our food supply: it is expected that in the next thirty years, many of the areas currently used for coffee cultivation will no longer be able to grow. We already know that the climate crisis poses a real threat to many animal species, which see their … Read more

the “Agri Caffè” event kicks off. On Saturday, it will be broadcast live by Daniele Chiaro

Aversa, “Agri Caffè” event at the start. Daniele Chiaro is live on Saturday (Monday, April 25, 2022) Teleclubitalia article news from Naples and Italy. Read on teleclubitalia Eventus_docet : “So I blew up the system”: the words from the researcher who condemned the rigged competitions at Universi … – Lucia05149332 : RT @PieraBelfanti: “So I … Read more

Caffè del Benessere, we talk about arterial hypertension with Dr Berto PHOTO – Newsbiella.it

Thursday 21 March at the Cooperative of Favaro, Biella, as part of Caffè del Benessere, organized by ANZITUTTO Association in collaboration with Associazione Soggiorno Anziani Favaro, Cooperativa del Favaro, Auser Biella, with the support of 3Bi – Biomedical Library of Biella yes it is talked about arterial hypertension, with the speaker dr. Mauro Ilario Berto … Read more

In Milan, the express flies 1.30. “Coffee at 1.50 in sight”

Hot black coffee. Cup of espresso, which is consumed at the bar, is an increasingly expensive ritual for the Milanese. Until a month ago, the receipt was for a quick coffee, perhaps served with a chocolate, from 1.10 or 1.20 euros in most cafes in Milan, with additions for the variants. From the end of … Read more