Does Trieste know it’s the city of coffee? Or can we do more?

Coffee: what does this term mean for the people of Trieste? The city of Trieste has had a very close relationship with coffee for centuries. Italians, and Trieste in particular, are holders of a legacy that must be valued as a collective commodity, but they often seem unaware of it. When we talk about “coffee”, … Read more

The Trieste of Coffee

On the occasion of March 8, the date on which it International Women’s Daywe publish an interview with Franco Bazzara from Bazzara Espressohistoric Trieste-based business leader in the coffee market. The interview examines the many aspects and the many faces of women in Trieste who have always played a fundamental and strategic role in this … Read more

What is coffee roasting and how it is done

Let’s go back to the thousand curiosities about the coffee world and let’s focus today on a basic process: what is coffee roasting and how does it work? Let’s try to explain it in a simple way. Roasting is nothing more than a heat treatment to which green coffee beans are subjected, that is, a … Read more