Over 40 participants in the Wellness Café on Cervical Arthrosis – Newsbiella.it

Today, Thursday, September 22, in the hall of the new oratory of the parish of Cossila San Grato, Biella, as part of the Wellness Coffee organized by the ANZITUTTO Association in collaboration with the parishes of Valle Oropa, Bar Cossila San Grato, Associazione Soggiorno Anziani Favaro, Auser Biella, with the support of 3Bi – Biomedical … Read more

Is a coffee to relieve the headache a good idea?

TO many have heard it, perhaps from a relative or colleague coffee makes the headache go away. On the other hand, some of the painkillers for headaches contain caffeine. But does drinking a cup of coffee help with a headache? Dr. Vincenzo Tullo talks about itneurologist specialist and head of the headache center at Humanitas, … Read more

Barley coffee, what it is, how it is prepared and properties

What is this Barley coffee is a drink alternatives to coffee traditional, naturally free of caffeine or other stimulants. The absence of stimulating effects makes barley coffee a valid alternative to traditional coffee in people who are upset, anxious or suffering from insomnia. As the name suggests, barley coffee is prepared with barley grains, a … Read more

Caffè del Benessere, we talk about arterial hypertension with Dr Berto PHOTO – Newsbiella.it

Thursday 21 March at the Cooperative of Favaro, Biella, as part of Caffè del Benessere, organized by ANZITUTTO Association in collaboration with Associazione Soggiorno Anziani Favaro, Cooperativa del Favaro, Auser Biella, with the support of 3Bi – Biomedical Library of Biella yes it is talked about arterial hypertension, with the speaker dr. Mauro Ilario Berto … Read more

What are the side effects of caffeine?

Lto caffeine it is a natural substance that can stimulate the central nervous system which makes those who take it feel more clairvoyant and less tired. As is well known, it is the main source of caffeine coffee. It is important to know how much coffee we can consume per day and generally understand if … Read more

Caffè del Benessere, good response from the public for the meeting on diabetes – Newsbiella.it

In recent days, in Biella at the Cooperativa del Favaro salon, as part of the Caffè del Benessere, Dr Rita Graziella Guarnieri, Head of the Department of Diabetology and Endocrinology at ASLBI, held a meeting on diabetes. His relationship took place in front of about thirty people. The doctor explained that there is not a … Read more

Caffè Salato Foundation was born

“After us? It must be built during and together. Because after us we are first of all.” It is with this spirit that combines resourcefulness, creativity and participation that the newly founded Caffè Salato Foundation presents itself to the city and to the entire Romagna area, as part of the event (sponsored by Forlì municipality) … Read more