Taking care of a stray costs like coffee a day. “Bad care, it’s too little”

Look after a stray it costs like a coffee (more or less): the structures spend about 1 euro and 50 cents per day. A paltry sum, which means that the shelters can fails to comply with the provisions of the law. To report it is Nucleo Operational bodies for the protection of animals and the environment who have decided to contact Ministry of Health to carry out an inspection that can determine the conditions under which the shelters that welcome stray dogs exist in our region: “The living conditions of the dogs found by volunteers in the Molise kennels are poor and not in line with what is required by current national and regional legislation and from animal ethology”, emphasizes the association. – It mainly depends on that the daily maintenance fee for pro-dog is too low and such from does not allow to guarantee even the minimum necessary to ensure the well-being of the animals in the structures of shelter for stray dogs. In some kennels, this maintenance fee is also included less than one euro and fifty cents per day and dog. It is therefore clear that the keeping of animals in such quantities cannot be absolutely compatible with their nature, nor can it guarantee all the care a “solitary” animal needs “.

These “Irregularities found in most kennels visited daily by volunteers “of the operating unit for the protection of animals and the environment:” The facilities lack educator-behavior figures, dogs are never let out of their crates to walk around in areas that are often empty and inadequate, the stalls are overcrowded , the food is of low quality, medical care is often denied, the staff is insufficient and mostly unqualified and most shelters do not meet the structural criteria dictated by regional regulations ”.

The association returns to call on the mayors who have “responsibility” for the municipal kennels and who have “the burden of verifying the well-being of their dogs hospitalized in their affiliated premises”. So animal rights activists press on, “any conditions of abuse discovered by investigative bodies will see the mayors react criminally as well as the managers of the kennels”.

At the same time, the Animal and Environmental Protection Agency’s operational unit will “put pressure on the veterinary preventive department responsible for animal welfare so that checks on both the living conditions of the dogs housed in the kennels and the structural regularities are activated as soon as possible”. In addition, the association will contact the Ministry of Health to “find out what the volunteers have reported so far”.

Last call to the Toma government: “It is important – says Giancarlo Calvanese, operational director of NOETAA – that The region first of all determines the daily reference quota for maintenance of a single dogas established by Regional Law No. 7 of 2005, so that there are no more downward tender awardsand that all structures can improve the standard of living of the dogs hosted and adapt, within a reasonable time, to the legislation to guarantee the management conditions also established by the Commissioner’s Decree number 100 approved by the Regional Council on December 20, 2020 (ie by the former Commissioner Angelo Giustini, ed.) “.

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