Tazzine Rosse, Caffè Trucillo against violence against women

The solidarity gathering of Red copper officially debuted on March 8, 2022, a symbolic date to draw attention to the problem of violence against women.

The limited edition of coffee cups decorated with images that speak of abuse represents one new stage in the homonymous project was presented in Salerno in November last year, created by Rosella Scalone from the Save The Woman Association and coordinated by entrepreneur Simonetta De Luca Musella, partner of Save The Woman, with the patronage of the Campania region, the municipality of Salerno, the Salerno Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Women’s Center.

Why a collection of copper? This simple object, made available by the roasting company Salerno Caffè Trucillo who supports the initiative, is one of the most present in our homes, the place that should represent the family’s safety and peace, but which in many, too many situations is transformed instead into the prison where women subjected to abuse and violence.

where cup where chosen as the object that becomes a passive and silent witness of these horrible scenes. Thanks to the commitment of the students in four classes (3 in design and 1 in figurative art) by Liceo Artistico Sabatini Menna in Salerno, led by Salerno artist Giovanni Savastano, the delicate white cups are dressed in red and become talkative, they are filled with images and words that scream and condemn violence, seen through the eyes of young boys. The goal is to raise awareness throughout society, to tell about the war that too often takes place in the place where a woman should be able to feel safe, in her home.

The artist guided the students in the decoration of the cups, during a workshop on ceramics, and elevated them to real works of art. These objects were a tool for letting young people express their views on violence. They too are potential spectators at home, and they have been entrusted with the hope of a future with less and less abuse.

“When we devised the initiative He comments Rosella Scalone from Save The Woman Association – we knew that with Tazzine it could be the right key to tell about a phenomenon that takes place away from prying eyes within the walls of the house, which becomes a prison for many women who are victims of their tormentors. What exceeded expectations was the enthusiasm with which the initiative was welcomed and supported by our partners, and the great commitment of many young people who used their imagination and talent to turn these cups into a magical object, which can say much more than many words about phenomena we fight every day. A participation and a result that really made me happy and that I can only be grateful and proud of. “

“Seeing the boys paint our cups according to their intimate interpretation of the concept of violence against women, the relationship between man and woman, freedom, love and thus create a physical object, our cup made us proud, happy but emotionally shaken”ekar Antonia Trucillothird generation and marketing manager for the family business.

Engraving hatred on an object that is to represent a small daily gesture of love, pleasure and sharing, earns a emphasize stronger how awful in hell so many women go through in what should be their refuge. It means revealing the root of violence: the desire for control, the power relationship, the thoughts of men who can not handle the rejection or failure of a romantic relationship. A way to show that genocide is not the consequence of a sudden and temporary impulse, but the result of a long emotional process, often underestimated.

The proceeds from the sale will go to the association Save the womanwho for several years has fought at the forefront to help women to save itself from violence, and by the Salernitana Community Foundation.

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