that’s why we should drink it bitterly

Bitter coffee is good for health: this is what science says about the drink that Italians love the most. It does not matter if the coffee is prepared with suede, coffee machine or presented in tubs. It is of fundamental importance to understand that the time of sentences is over and the moment of rediscovery has taken place, that is, to see the energizing drink with a new look.

Yes, because there have been many – and different – studies in the scientific field on the properties of bitter coffee and each study has succeeded in resolving prejudices, insinuating new theories and veiled properties. So today we know that we can drink bitter coffee with a light heart without having to worry about the fleeting side effects.

Just the right amount of black coffee

“Drinking too much coffee makes you nervous,” they used to say once. But, is it really so? According to the researchers, up to 5 cups of bitter coffee are allowed per day and the stated amount does not cause any problems for the body. Everyone must therefore be able to regulate consumption according to their own organism, but the surplus limit in coffee consumption in general has increased.

It is still an exciting product and consequently everyone has to adapt. If you are not used to consuming more than one cup of bitter coffee a day, you should not start drinking five overnight just because science says it is not bad. We must make sure to integrate the amount if we have a need or desire, increase the dose a little at a time.

The benefits of bitter coffee

Bitter coffee is synonymous with black coffee and indicates the drink without the addition of sugar. For those who are not used to drinking bitter coffee, it seems like heresy, but it is a simple habit. To learn how to drink black coffee, you need to reduce the amount of sugar a little at a time until you no longer feel the need to add it, but rather feel a kind of discomfort from feeling a sweet aroma.

In the absence of glycemic content in sugar, coffee becomes an important contribution to our diet due to its ability to stimulate weight loss. It speeds up metabolism through thermogenesis by helping the body expel and not store fats and lipid deposits.

Scientific research has led to the discovery of the beverage’s antioxidant properties that can counteract free radicals and the concomitant aging of the skin. Bitter coffee mainly makes us more beautiful and even happier thanks to its invigorating effects. We’ve already talked about its energizing power, but did you know that bitter coffee reduces suicide by 50%?

It lowers the level of mental stress and provides energy, improves the neural abilities and the response to intellectual stimuli. A real panacea that has long been martyrdom. Finally today we can taste black coffee aware that we are doing something useful for our well-being and our mood.

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