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Enjoying a good cup of coffee is a daily pleasure, especially with the addition of certain ingredients, but some are bad: here’s what not to add.

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Coffee macchiato with milk and sugar was once the only alternative to the classic espresso. Then came the flavored syrups and the spiced pumpkin. Now, thanks to social platforms and influencers, many options have been added to the regular bar menu that are supposed to work well.

Coffee is no longer just a content drink caffeine At this time. To enhance the benefits and benefits of sipping a cup of coffee, people add powders, spices and superfoods. A practice that, in theory, should enable them to achieve various health goals, from better skin to a slimmer waist. However, this remains, precisely, in theory because in practice some combinations are not compatible with coffee.

Food to never put in coffee and why

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Sodium bicarbonate

We started adding bicarbonate of sodium to coffee in hopes of neutralizing its acidic effects, since sodium bicarbonate is alkaline. In theory, the coffee with baking powder neutralizes the naturally occurring acids in the coffee and makes it easier on the stomach. In practice, this is probably not a good idea. A study published on a 50-year-old man who for years mixed baking soda into his drinks as a home remedy for heartburn found that the toxicity of baking soda can cause heart problems.

Protein powder

The Profee, a collection of protein powder and coffee, went viral on Tik Tok, advertising it as a protein supplement with weight loss benefits. Adding protein powder to any drink is a great way to get more protein into your diet, but there’s a problem here: the body can only digest so much protein at a time. Also, if they are not properly digested, only a portion of the proteins can be absorbed, regardless of the form in which they are consumed. According to experts, to get the maximum amount of protein, it is advisable to spread the coffee intake over the day.

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