the “Alzheimer Coffee” tour starts

The Alzheimer’s Marathon Foundation comes to the heart of the programming of its activities dedicated to care: The Alzheimer’s Coffee project spread across national territory is in progress. The project, supported by the Roche Foundation for Patients, enjoys additional support from the Foundation which, in addition to providing financial support for three years, has made its network of associations available with special attention to the most disadvantaged areas, where these services are available. less developed. In fact, thanks to the grant from the Alzheimer Marathon Foundation, it will be possible to organize the Alzheimer’s cafés in the municipalities of S. Ginesio in the provinces of Macerata and Fabriano, areas affected by the 2016 earthquake, Pizzo Calabro and Messina.

The choice made by the Alzheimer Marathon Foundation to start operations at the Alzheimer’s cafés is significant. After the long and painful period of suspension of activities, due to the pandemic, it is in fact perceived as a priority, by the associations, the need to return to meet and interact with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia who have suffered much more than others from the lack of contact with operators. The Alzheimer’s cafés, if properly integrated into the network of services, place the patient at the center of a personalized treatment that takes into account the real circumstances of the patient and his family.

Caffè Alzheimer diffuso required training from the various associations participating in the project, training that took place on 27 and 28 April in Bertinoro, in order to standardize the organizational criteria and methodology for professional efforts: mandatory for all the presence of a psychologist. Contributions to Bertinoro’s two days included Stefano Montalti, President of the Maratona Alzheimer Foundation, Dr. Andrea Fabbo, Director of the Emilia Romagna Region Dementia Project, Prof. Rabih Chattat, University of Bologna and Prof. Marco Trabucchi, President of the Italian Association of Psychogeriatrics .

The associations that will participate in the project “Caffè Alzheimer Diffuso”, thanks to the reports prepared by the foundation, are 17 and will create a total of 19 Alzheimer’s cafes in 9 different Italian regions. In Ferrara, the AMA Ferrara ODV Association has already organized it on May 13, while the next ones will take place on May 28 in Pizzo Calabro, organized by the Association for Neurogenetic Research Lamezia Terme, on June 1 in Genoa, thanks to the AFMA Association Genoa APS and on June 3, it is instead Fidenza’s turn that is organized by Alzheimer Support Group Fidenza Odv.

Amici di Casa Insieme The ODV association in Mercato Saraceno inaugurates its Alzheimer’s Café on June 13, then it opens on June 27 in Fabriano, organized by the Attivo Alzheimer Fabriano Association, and on June 23 it is the inauguration of the Café in San Ginesio, organized by AFAM Alzheimer Uniti Marche (Macerata)


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