the association with tumors is scientifically established

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Coffee, one of the most popular beverages, seems to be related to the onset of cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer is sounding the alarm.

Drinking coffee in a special way is wrong; AIRC has identified a link between the drink and cancer. Let’s go deeper into the matter.

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The smells like coffee in the morning, a cup after lunch at the end of the meal or in the afternoon with biscuits, Italians love to enjoy the drink at any time of the day. A habit that can hardly be waived but which it is necessary to reflect on after the alarm has been sounded by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Scientific researchers have come to a possible correlation between coffee and the origin of a tumor particularly. To influence the correspondence the way in which the drink is taken.

Coffee and cancer, what the AIRC says

The authority conducted studies whose results found a correlation between coffee and tumors. Hence the need to insert the drink among potentially carcinogenic substances. The problem arises when a cup of coffee is taken several times a day heat. Drink a hot beverage at a temperature above 60/65 ° increases the chance of developing one cancer of the esophagus. Several studies have confirmed this theory, while the correlation between hot drinks and cancer of the stomach, upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract does not seem to be supported by scientific studies.

Coffee has therefore been included among the potentially carcinogenic hot beverages of group 2A. If, on the other hand, the drink is not consumed hot, it falls into group 3 together with mate, a typical drink from Latin America. We are talking about a group that identifies non-potentially carcinogenic beverages that show that it is high temperature to affect on the possible emergence of tumors in the esophagus. Hence the need to cool the coffee before drinking it so as not to endanger health.

In addition to the heat number

Never drink the drink too hot, at temperatures above 60 °. However, coffee lovers need to pay attention to another aspect that makes the drink potentially dangerous. The reference is the number of cups consumed in a day. The problem lies in a possible correspondence between coffee and high blood pressure. Studies have not shown with certainty the long-term effects but have pointed to a short-term finding. For this reason, it is not recommended to take the drink before physical activity when the blood pressure is already rising from exertion. In general, it has been found that the recommended daily dose is 400 milligrams for people in good health while the dose drops to 200 milligrams for those suffering from high blood pressure.

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