The best cafes in Rome: guaranteed taste and tradition

Finding the best cafes in Rome is a serious matter. We Italians go to the bar first thing in the morning and we could do it two more, three or even more times during the day. In Rome, as in large parts of Italy, the favorite drink is usually one coffee (an espresso) or, if it’s before noon, maybe one Cappuccino.

Between visits to the Colosseum or the Pantheon, make sure a trip to the Italian capital is filled with caffeine with the best beans a bartender can grind.

Sant’Eustachio coffee

Steps from the Pantheon, this famous café in Rome has kept locals excited since 1938. Historically but unpretentiously, Sant’Eustachio selects beans from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil to produce their beers.

What sets this place apart is the unusual method of preparation: if you want a sweet coffee, the barista will do it for you by adding a tablespoon of sweet and frothy foam obtained from the first drops of an espresso whipped with sugar.

Antigua Golden Cup

Gold Cup was founded in 1946 and is very popular among Romans who come to drink coffee for their espresso, cappuccino and of course the famous Coffee sludge.

This ice drink is served with whipped cream and provides a sweet dose of caffeine and calories. Roasted coffee beans, tea blends and other gift items are also on sale. Outside, overlooking Piazza della Rotonda, there is a vending machine that distributes packages of coffee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After lunch you can later try one of the best restaurants in Trastevere.

Tram depot

A green shelter of an old tram has been given new life in the Testaccio district as a fun café and nightclub. Tram Depot serves a selection of coffees, including harder to find varieties (at least in Rome) with siphons and drippers, as well as cocktails, fresh juices, smoothies and a small selection of pastries and sandwiches. In this small kiosk there is no room for roasting, so the coffee is supplied by Torrefazione Lady Café, a craft producer outside Parma. Please note that it is closed during the winter.

The other best cafes in Rome

  • Panella
  • Sciascia Caffè 1919
  • Ancient Greek cafe
  • Andreotti confectionery
  • Faro – Luminari del Caffè
  • Roscioli Caffè

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