The Chameleon app premiered at Sigep 2022

Given the official launch that will take place soon, in Sigep Andrej Godina, caffesperto, PhD in science, technology and economics in the coffee industry and Mauro Illiano, caffesperto and gastronomic reviewer, offers a virtual preview of Guide of the chameleonthe first first guide to coffee and roasteries in Italy.

The authors will talk about the origin, the structure, the complex work of tasting and cataloging the different types of coffee, the prices reserved for the best coffees in each category of this real first work for the coffee sector in Coffee Arena – hall D1.

Every day in hall D1 stand 003 on Sigep 2022 visitors come check the function in the app yourselfwhich – indicated the preferred flavors – allows you to identify the coffees that are most in line with your taste And provides a wealth of information on roastingtheir products, the supply chain, ie different methods for extraction and use of coffee in cooking and mixology.

The first 50 people who visit the stand every day will receive the Guide app for free when it is officially released.

It will also be possible to deepen the knowledge and verify the goodness of a project which, like all the first works, has had to overcome resistance and misunderstanding, but which has gradually accumulated the consent of many roasteries. Neither a guide full of references and information was born.

Discover coffee

Coffee is a very consumed but very little known product – observes Andrej Godina -: from this observation and from Mauro Illinois’s passion for this drink, the idea of follow the road already traveled with wine, beer, olive oildifferentiate the products and improve excellence through the Chameleon Guide.

Thanks to this, the consumer will be able to choose the aromatic tones he likes best on the basis of objective data, such as taste, roasting and other parameters, and try new ones. The format offers a presentation of roasting and coffee that is tried, with synthetic flavor notes ».

The taste

The taste

Borrowed from the English taste, the term taste indicates the combination of aromas, tastes but also tactile sensations that are perceived at the time of testing.

This multi-perception allows you to describe food and drink in a unique and accurate way.

The great news with the guide is that for each coffee, the most noticeable flavors will be highlighted, such as cocoa, biscuits, honey or orange.

The consumer who is passionate about coffee will thus be able to search for their ideal product.


Mauro Illiano
Mauro Illiano

«The tastings were the basis of the whole work

– observes Mauro Illiano –

all were done blindly several times by independent panels in various assemblies and preceded by training and calibration periods. This work has made it possible to get a “photograph” of the great variety of styles and flavors that exist along the peninsula and to create a unmatched meeting place between roasters and consumers through simple and clear language.

In the guide you will not find any reviews: the chameleon will be the “compass” to discover the great wealth of suggestions and flavors that refer to coffee and which unfortunately too many still ignore. Its creation marks a new beginning for the Italy of coffee, the first page of a new story to be written together: roasters, tasters and consumers, so that the excellence of Italian coffee can recover in all its uniqueness ».

Coffee “Oscars”.

Andrej Godina
Andrej Godina

Camaleonte, the first guide to coffee and roasteries in Italy, will soon be launched in print and digital form; the latter, through a dedicated APP, allows you to search for coffee by type (grain, suede, portion, commercial quality, special quality, certified coffee …) or by aromatic properties. For example, just write the words “cocoa” or “caramel” and the coffee with these properties will be highlighted.

The guide provides contact information for each roastery company (address, phone, email, website, app, e-shop), a brief company history, production style and evaluation of the coffee tested (from 1 bean – average product – with 5 beans – excellent level product ), as well as symbols indicating whether the coffee is organic or specialty, the extraction methods suggested for each reference (espresso, moka / Neapolitan, filter or single serving), and any accompanying certifications.

There will be more general and educational information such as mini video lessons about the coffee supply chain, tutorials on the different cooking methods, food / coffee recipes, coffee-based drinks and cocktails and mini coffee courses for baristas, available via APP, and QR code for those who have the paper version. The guide and app also collect information and references from 30 national coffee academies, which are aimed at both professionals and the enthusiast.

Another point of interest and pride for those who deserve them is special prizes and the chameleons (real “Oscars”) that will be awarded to the various product categories and will be a clear recognition of the quality path for many Italian roasting companies.

For further information and clarifications, the authors are at your disposal: Andrej Godina 340 865 4848, Mauro Illiano 331 290 9949.

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