“The coffee grounds say that…”, a forbidden tip – Libero Quotidiano

Claudio Brigliadori

No one can put a pollster in a corner, not even the law that enforces the “election darkness” during the last 2 weeks before the vote. Italians, but above all talk, are thirsty for numbers, data and percentages. If you can’t communicate them, you have to come up with some tricks. And so Myrtle Merlinoto The air that pulls on La7, invite connection Renato Mannheimer hoping for his stroke of genius. The expert doesn’t hold back and manages, even without going into details, to deliver some serious blows on the race to the polling stations.

Unthinking people tell me that .... Poll revelation: what does Gomez know

Until a few years ago, the so-called “secret discoveries“: polls disguised as horse races or phantom conclaves, where the names of horses, jockeys or cardinals they overlapped easily with those of political leaders. A game so open it’s forbidden. And so Mannheimer can only give “hints”, “winks”.

Notable changes: Mannheimer breaks the electoral silence, the turnaround

Merlin takes it and the poll has no choice but to confirm. “The father of all pollsters will make me understand this morning how the voices move, apparently without ever citing a study but merely observing the coffee grounds, jokes the hostess who introduces it to viewers. «We don’t give numbers, but only ideas – begins Mannheimer -. The south is decisive and you can see it in these hours because it has become contested. Conte’s campaign with this citizenship income, I’ll keep it there, I’ll increase it for you except that it mobilizes a lot and there are possible remarkable changes of votes. I must say that the Democratic Party itself does not look badly at this progress of the 5 stars in the south, which could really change the picture ». Obviously not in favor of Giorgia Meloni and the center-right who could wake up on September 26 with bad surprises at the boarding schools. It remains to be understood what will happen in the next election: it will go straight to smoke signals.


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