The coffee machines offered with Amazon Prime Day 2022

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Coffee machine wanted? The selection that must not be missed is (also) online: the meeting with Amazon Prime Day 2022in fact, it is an opportunity for buy the best coffee machine on offer. Discounted, suggestions that bring home the art of drinking the cup is a concentrate of technology, designed to return all the fun in the bar between the kitchen and the bedroom. Espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato are just some of the drinks that can be prepared with coffee machines last generation. Multifunctional and easy to maintain, they combine elegant lines and compact volumes with performance and quality. In a series of microarchitectures inhabited by cicchi e coffee capsules.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Lavazza coffee machine

Lavazza coffee machine

Lavazza My Way

€ 117.99

Evergreen of homemade espresso – without moka -, Jolie is the smallest and quietest Lavazza coffee machine my way. So compact that it adapts to all everyday places, from home to the office, it is ideal for bringing all the goodness from an authentic Italian espresso to your home. Easy to use, this one small coffee maker it is equipped with a single backlit “Stop & Go” button which in a single gesture allows you to select the desired amount of mixture each time, to make a classic espresso or a long coffee. Jolie has automatic shut-off after 9 minutes and all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Nespresso coffee machine

Nespresso coffee machine


€ 69.99

Another item icon for homemade dish coffee is Nespresso coffee machine offered is the two-day discount offer organized for i Amazon Prime customers. Programmable in espresso or American mode, the device that only works with the brand’s capsules is activated with a simple click: in 25 seconds the water reaches the ideal temperature to prepare up to 9 cups, without ever having to fill the tank from 0, 7 liter capacity. Inissia from Nespresso therefore, it stands out for its mild shapes and solid-colored shells.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Machina for coffee, infusions and drinks

Machine for coffee, infusions and drinks


111.53 €

Totally Black, Guzzini Coffee Project was designed by Carlo Colombo. Invoiced as “the first machine for espresso coffee, infusions and beverages for household use working with the Epica capsule system “, the small appliance is patented and produced by the oldest and most qualified Italian roasting company: Hausbrandt. space for the cup and the flow of the mixture.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Coffee machine with grinder

Coffee machine with grinder


€ 453.00

Even closer barritual and even to the roasting processes coffee machine with grinder integrated by Ariete regulates the degree of grinding, with a special side knob, and the amount of drink. But that’s not all: except for the most classic espresso, the machine with coffee beans Prepare creamy cappuccinos with the dedicated unit and fragrant herbal teas and teas thanks to the hot water dispenser.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Automatic coffee machine for espresso and cappuccino

Automatic coffee machine for espresso and cappuccino


€ 328.00

Combination of espresso and cappuccino also for the model ECAM22.110.B from De’Longhi. Automatic coffee machine on sale, can also be used with ground coffee, releases the aroma of freshly ground beans (adjustable up to 13 different grinding levels). When the length, aroma, temperature and grain have been selected, it automatically dispenses and squeezes the optimal amount of coffee. Example of professional machine for home use, also prepares delicious milk-based drinks thanks to cappuccinator manual.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Professional coffee machine

Professional coffee machine


€ 1,699.90

To raise the bar for performance and technology further, here it is Gaggia automatic coffee machine Academy. Bland plusen, a ceramic coffee grinder extremely long lasting, adjustable to coarse or fine-grained, a switchable heating mechanism for the cup and a pre-brewing system where the ground coffee is moistened evenly before the brewing process. Example of professional coffee machine for use domestic, The Gaggia proposal is designed to completely personalize the coffee’s body and soul. Finally, the machine’s double boiler reduces the waiting time between the delivery of espresso and the steam to prepare the milk froth in a few seconds.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Philips coffee machine

Philips coffee machine

Philips home appliances

€ 299.89

Personalization and flexibility are also moving Philips coffee machine. With 12 adjustable settings to transform the beans inside, from ultra-fine powder to coarser grind, it makes tasty espresso, americano and cappuccino. The My Coffee Choice menu actually allows you to select the intensity and quantity of the drink via a convenient touch interface. With two dispensers, the Philips Domestic Appliances reference with its special filter guarantees that water is always clean and purified.

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