the competition created by Caffè Borbone and 50 Top Italy starts

“Italian brunch 2022” has startedthe new project created by 50 Top Italy and from Bourbon coffee which rewards the best interpretations of Italian brunch and the most creative combinations with coffee. The winner will be presented at Cibus, the food fair in Parma, and will be the main character in a video production in collaboration with Caffè Borbone.

The collaboration between Caffè Borbone and 50 Top Italy is already consolidated, in fact last year the two partners together created “The other Face of Tiramisù” a competition dedicated to Italy’s most beloved dessert. The winner, Angelo Tramontano, was the main character in an exquisite cooking show during the award ceremony at Cibus. In addition, the pastry chef was the author of the video recipes that were shared on the Caffè Borbone blog and social media.

Registration is open empty 2022-03-10 The invitation is open to confectioners and confectioners under the age of 35, already experts in the industry. The competition was created to promote Italian culture coffee and at the same time new culinary trends and aims to strengthen young talents. Participants will unleash their creativity with a personal interpretation of Italian brunch and its combination with coffee. Once the applications have been evaluated, 10 participants will be admitted to the sample, who will receive a free delivery from Bourbon coffee.

The brunch it was born in England, in the late 19th century, as a meal to be consumed after Sunday’s hunting trips. A moment of conviviality. The name is associated with breakfast And lunch: a meeting between the first and second breakfast. That’s it, though in the U.Sbegins since the 1930s, which becomes part of the mass culture, to the extent of establishing itself in the world as an informal lifestyle.

Today brunch has become a real one mattrend, also in Italy, one of the new catering trends, consolidated especially in large cities. It is a predominantly youth phenomenon, the weekend, which is well connected to moments of social entertainment such as breakfast outside the home and aperitifs before lunch.
The Italian brunch lovers yes, they are looking for variety and the pleasure of being together, but they are also paying attention to quality, in attitude with the new need for well-being and food safetyand close to the concept sustainability. Key points, also in Caffè Borbone’s philosophy that will support young talents in this initiative. At the end of the competition, a jury of experts nominated by 50 Top Italy will evaluate the submitted works and select the winning proposals.

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