the documentary presented in Turin on 12 June

The documentary “Caffè & Vino” just three weeks after it was released on the streaming platforms Prime Video, Google Play and Apple TV, has already achieved enormous success. The documentary signed by Andrej Godina and Mauro Illiano, directed by Vincenzo Lamagna has already collected two international awards (best documentary dedicated to food at the Mannheim Festival in Germany and selection in the documentary category at the Tirana Festival in Albania) and many positive reviews from like many magazines devoted to film criticism (Cinefacts, The eye of the filmmaker, Fabrique Du Cinema, etc.)

It’s now time for tours in all the major cities of Italy. The next dates will be June 23 in Milan during the WOC and June 28 in Florence at the Accademia de La Marzocco, which will be followed by screenings in the cities of Rome, Naples and Trieste.

But the first show ever is scheduled for Sunday, June 12 at 3 pm at the Central Market in Turin. The event, dedicated to professionals and enthusiasts, will be part of the Turin Coffee scheme, Salone del caffè, and will be accompanied by a wine and coffee tasting performed by the documentary filmmaker. The projection will therefore represent a liveliness of what was told by all the experts involved, and what was claimed by the creators of the project, namely that these two parallel worlds are united by an invisible line, which sometimes places them in the same perspective, other times they see with another focal length.
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Mauro Illiano, coffee expert and wine expert and Andrej Godina, coffee expert, doctor of science, technology and economics in the coffee industry

In this regard, or about the parallelism between coffee and wine, the interviewee Godina explains: “Many years ago, when I started working as a coffee taster, I came across the extraordinary world of wine and I discovered that there are many similarities and parallels between these two worlds. Today, coffee is a drink that is not well known by the barista and the consumer, in general “a coffee is simply a coffee” and in almost all cases it has an undifferentiated price compared to quality. In Italian bars coffee costs on average one euro and this price is the same whether it is a low-quality and perhaps defective coffee and whether it is an Arabica blend of origin or high quality.This difference with a world of wine that is more developed is no longer acceptable and requires effort and a new cultural push from the coffee supply chain that must help this product category to grow and make itself known to the consumer for all its extraordinary nuances. after all, the e-supply chain is longer and more complex than wine!
The coffee processing is divided into 50% in the production countries and 50% in the consumer countries and the last step of serving the drink is left to the barista, a professional who must choose the right brewing recipe, the best quality of the drink. water and always ensure perfect extraction. “

Illiano, on the other hand, expresses the significance of the events in his presence: “I believe that over the years the coffee world has lacked just this, the contact between those who produce coffee, in all possible forms, and those who drink it. . The only time for discussion is in the bar with the barista, but the limited time available, the frequent standing and the drinking conditions (it is no coincidence that the coffee we consume in the bar is called “espresso”) does not benefit a real and its dialogue between drinkers and coffee operators. These meetings want to represent a turning point, an outstretched hand to those who want to go beyond a simple cup of coffee, and the combination with wine seems to me to be an extraordinary opportunity, a powerful accelerator “.

Lamagna intervenes on the message launched by the documentary: “The film has the noble mission of creating greater awareness. People often take for granted many performances related to objects and food in general use. The seventh art provides the opportunity, thanks to the images collected in throughout Italy and beyond, and thanks to the explanations of the characters, to stimulate in the viewer a reasoning, which hopefully leads not only to question these individual subjects, but to all his habits .. So we tried, as often happens, to give film a higher purpose and to convey this purpose to an increasing number of people.

After all, film is one of the three universal languages, the other two being mathematics and music (Frank Capra) “

Given the tour of this beautiful work, we just have to mark the June 12 appointment in Turin on the agenda and wait for the “rehearsal” of this documentary.

For info and bookings, you will find the contacts on the website and on the Facebook page Caffè & Vino – Due Mondi A Documentary

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