The first molecular printer for beverages: from coffee to beverages. And the price is by no means unreasonable

It took a study of about three years, in collaboration with a team of researchers. Much goodwill to do something never before seen feasible, and a pinch of healthy madness to imagine a smart home that lacked a molecular printer that could produce a large number of drinks.

It was Kana, a name of a city in Galilee that evoked the scriptures and the diversity of bread and, by chance, wines, that developed an idea so incredible that it was soon realized and launched on the market.

3D printer for drinks and coffee – Adobe Stock

Uses a single arompatronthe machine off Cana it can mix about a thousand drinks: juices, soft drinks, iced coffee, sports drinks, cocktails. And wine of course. It sounds like science fiction, but everything is true.

A new technology for dispensing microfluidic liquids

Microfluidic Liquids - Adobe Stock)
Microfluidic Liquids – Adobe Stock)

With Cana One, designed to be placed on the kitchen counter, you can choose a drink from a variety of types and brands using touch screen. Personalization of alcohol, caffeine and sugar levels (alcoholic and caffeinated beverages can be locked behind a PIN code, to avoid doubt). Cana has partnered with beverage brands around the world to create something hard to believe.

A team of researchers spent three years studying popular beverages at the molecular level, he revealed Cana. Researchers have apparently isolated the trace compounds behind the taste and aroma, to use them to create a variety of ingredients that can provide a wide range of beverages.

The system uses a “new technology for liquid dispensing microfluidics to mix drinks. Cana claims that at least 90% of what we drink is flavored water, sugar and alcohol, so by reducing waste and associated emissions, it helps people avoid bottled and canned beverages. All thanks to this molecular printer.

The customer must pay separately for the mixtures of the device, according to the desired beverage: each will cost between 29 cents and 3 dollars, although Cana says the average price will be lower than the bottled drinks we live with. The system also requires sugar and alcohol cartridges, both of which are replaced automatically, and a bottle with CO2.

Between saying and doing, however, there is a world in between. A world made of taste, but also of promises to keep. You currently know that you have to reduce your cost by $ 99, which is a repayable credit. The molecular printer will cost much less than expected or imagined: $ 499, says Cana, for the first 10,000 orders. The others will pay for it 799. The company plans to start delivering the machine in early 2023.

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