The highway scam comes, you stop for a coffee and they take your underwear too

During a trip, with family or friends, especially when there are children in the car, you have to stop to make short stops on the highway, to cool off, rest, drink, eat, stretch your legs.

Motorway, scam –

Spend hours in the car it’s really not niceit’s really quite stressful, which is why you have to stop at least every hour at Autogrill to eat something, have breakfast or a snack, drink a good coffee or eat a good croissant.

The important thing is to be careful where you leave the car, because while you are resting there is someone ready to commit a crime and to remove important change directly from the car.

The freeway scam, that’s what’s going on

During this period, in many Italian rest stops, something has happened that no one had ever expected. The Autogrill gang took action and carried out the scam as well the call of the flat wheel. While the driver relaxes, rests and enjoys a coffee with a good croissant, the Autogrill gang approaches the car and deflates the wheels.

When the owner returns e he notices what has happened he acts by getting closer slowly to the driver and curiously asked what happened. The gang is willing to help both to ask for help and to repair the damage and in the meantime without attracting attention, he steals wallets and suitcases. If it’s a small booty, the gang in question removes it all without attracting attention and takes advantage of the general confusion.

If, on the other hand, it is a question of large suitcases, advises the driver to enter his premises and ask for help there. In the meantime, everything is abolished and we leave. This is a particular scam, which has resulted in a completely out of hand situation that is slowly, but perhaps not too much, spreading from rest stops to parking lots.

Beware of the wheel band that also works in supermarkets

Another place there the gang acts are the supermarkets, here you really have to be careful and try to leave the vehicle at a point that you can keep an eye on directly from the inside.

When the driver sets out to solve the problem of the flat or punctured wheel, the criminals take bags, wallets and anything possible and of minimal value. In this case, all we can say is that trusting is good, not trusting is better. Should something like this happennever accept help from anyone other than familiar and trusted people.

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