the historic Palermo roasting enriches the line

Three new coffee specialties and an exclusive blend, the result of the skilful combination of two Arabica specialties and a Fine Robusta, enrich the range of individual origins of the Morettino coffee lab project, the micro roastery of the historic Palermo roastery. Ethical products with a strong social value, which aims to improve the work of small producers in the countries of origin of the raw material: Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Rwanda.

Rwanda twongerekawa coko women coffee (Sca Score 86.25) was born from a project to strengthen the role of women in the East African country. The cooperative that produces this 100% Arabica is led by a female president and consists of 134 producers, of which 96 are women. Farmers receive training in best farming methods and coffee processing techniques, with the aim of creating returns in the form of development, which leads to an improvement in women’s living conditions and the territory in which they live. It is a specialty coffee with an aroma of dried fruit and coconut, with a balanced taste, with hints of pineapple and candied fruit.

The other specialty coffee is Ethiopia yirgacheffe kochere (Sca Score 85), a single origin of Arabica with complex acidity, fruity and floral tones, pleasantly sweet, with a taste reminiscent of citrus and black tea and a persistent spicy aftertaste. It comes from Kochere, a small village in southern Ethiopia, where the perfect climatic conditions are ideal for growing high-quality coffee. About 750 families of small producers grow coffee without the use of fertilizers, the coffee is harvested by hand by choosing only ripe drupes and processed by natural method.

Finally a peculiarity: Nicaragua finca jorge lagos, a Fine Robusta that was awarded 80 points by Sca. It is a single origin of the acclaimed Robusta, it comes from a small cooperative located in the northwest of the country near the town of El Diamante de las Segovias. The Fine Robusta wines represent excellence in the coffea canephora world and are part of a movement that continues to improve this variety.

In the coffee world, we have for some time witnessed an extremization between Arabica, which are all considered to be of superior quality, and Robusta, adapted to the role of low-quality coffee. Of course, since there are the lowest Arabica, there is the fine Robusta, it is always up to the sensitivity of the rust to choose the best origins to create excellent coffee.

“With the launch of Nicaragua Fine Robusta Morettino – explains the company – he wants to abolish the use of Robusta of superior quality, and proposes it in a single origin as if it were an Arabica, precisely to create awareness among consumers and operators in the industry. Work done with the creation of Specialty Blend # 87 (Sca score 83), a special blend that is the result of the union of three individual fine origins: Ethiopia yirgacheffe kochere specialty 100% Arabica, Brazil wild specialty 100% Arabica and Nicaragua finca jorge lagos Fine Robusta En sweet mix, with an aroma of rose and caramelized lemon, a taste of macadamia nuts, goji berries and toast, with a pleasant aftertaste of chocolate bean.


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