The king of coffee Maurizio Capoccetti does not respond to the investigative judge and appeals

Fraudulent Bankruptcy – From July 14 he is under house arrest for the failure of the roasting company Poggino – Four suspects are under investigation

Court in Rome

Court in Rome

Viterbo – ( – Fraudulent bankruptcy, coffee king Maurizio Capoccetti uses the right not to answer and appeals to the court for reconsideration.

The 57-year-old businessman from Viterbo, under house arrest since July 14 due to the bankruptcy of Macaf Trading srl del Poggino, yesterday did not allow himself to be questioned by the investigating judge Gaspare Sturzo at the court in Rome who accepted the request for deprivation of liberty by the Capitoline prosecutor.

THEDefense attorney Angelo Di Silvio, meanwhile, was already in the afternoon ready to submit a petition to the Liberty Court to request the revocation or relief of the measure. Capoccetti, meanwhile, remains under house arrest enhanced by the electronic bracelet ordered last week by Magistrate Judge Sturzo.

Com Capoccetti’s two cousins ​​are at large under investigation, while the supposed figurehead Antonio Glorioso is also under house arrest – a 52-year-old multiple conviction for property crime, computer fraud and breach of money laundering regulations – as part of the investigation opened by the public prosecutor in Rome following the suspected bankruptcy of Macaf Trading srl, a roasting company based in Poggino, which was declared by the bankruptcy court in Rome on 19 July 2018.

“From this Glorioso – reads the order of the investigating judge – none of the employees and customers of the bankrupt company have ever heard anything, which confirms the fictitiousness of the appointment as legal representative of Macaf srl”.

In the same order, Capoccetti even describes how “The Mind of the Criminal Group”, “The Creator of the Crimes”, “De facto dominus of social structures” as well as “Concurrent execution of the fine offences”.

The four suspects are also defined “A core of subjects”that, according to what the judicial police and the prosecutor have done, they would do so “Coordinated with each other to complete in competition with each other a number of fraudulent bankruptcy offenses”.

Seven offenses are guilty.

Presumption of innocence
A suspect is simply a person against whom preliminary investigations are being carried out in a criminal case.

In the Italian criminal system, the presumption of innocence applies until the final judgment. Presumption of innocence based on Article 27 of the Italian Constitution according to which a person “is not considered guilty until the final judgment”.

July 23, 2022


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