The Literary Café of Bra on a trip to Lanzo Torinese with the book by Mauro Rivetti

Caffè Letterario di Bra grows through the commitment and passion of its curator Silvia Gullino and expands, thanks to those who regularly visit it, thus becoming its ambassadors.

This is the case of the Albesian crime writer Mauro Rivetti who, along with his work commitments, hosted by various Italian cities, makes him known through the presentation of his books and by participating in events organized in the cultural field.

On Sunday, October 16, Rivetti arrived in the city of Lanzo Torinese to talk about his latest literary work ‘Colline rossoangue’ (Golem Edizioni). The author was invited by Dr. Anna Francone, of the Civic Library, to inaugurate the “Put an Author in the Library” review.

As the deputy mayor Fabrizio Casassa reported for this edition, the organizers wanted a new character in the literary scenario. So the choice fell on Mauro Rivetti and his writing style, which he manages to place, within his “noir”, heinous crimes, in the environment of fantastic landscapes (Alba, Bra, Langhe, Roero and Monferrato), without making the reader lose attention, because on every page there is a twist, if not two.

To further enrich his stories, there are descriptions of the characters who are constantly in dialogue with the reader. The opening of his new story speaks volumes, “Writing a detective story is like entering a labyrinth, from which you may never come out”, which Mauro coined for his own use and consumption, to summarize his idea of ​​a yellow fairy tale.

There are many passionate readers of the thriller genre who also follow him on social media or through local (and non-local) newspapers, appreciating the fluidity and uniqueness of his stories. In fact, in the Citizen’s Library, a literary cafe has taken shape where the author, in addition to captivating the public, entertaining them with his naturalness and simplicity, narrated some passages of his novel, without too many spoilers.

Then he commented in an unprecedented way on the features of the monuments of the city of Lanzo, such as the civic tower of Aymone di Challant, seat of the historical library and the Devil’s Bridge, which aroused real interest among the citizens themselves.

Finally, he thanked the participants, proud to have also brought the perfume of Caffè Letterario di Bra to Lanzo Torinese, leaving on everyone’s lips the sweet taste of reading and the beauty of historical places to (re)discover.


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