The milkman needs to sell three liters of milk to be able to pay for a coffee

In order to pay for a coffee in the bar, Italian farmers have to milk three liters of milk, which is only paid for a few tens of cents in the barn, far below the rapidly rising production costs due to higher food and energy prices. This is what Coldiretti has returned to report. “We can not wait any longer to stop the ongoing speculation about the price of milk in the stable” – confirms President Coldiretti Ettore Prandini and emphasizes that “the future of 26 thousand farms is in danger”.

They claim the right to fair compensation, which takes into account the ever-increasing production costs, from bills to feed. Milk for milkers must be paid differently than today, given that the increases range from + 70% for energy with peaks of 110% to + 40% for feed. According to the synthetic indicator Milk Feed, developed by Ismea, which compares the price of farm milk with the price of a typical meal for cows consisting of corn and soy flour, it has in the past year fallen below the threshold considered “criticism”. , a sign of the farms’ suffering. The average cost of milk production, between energy and fixed costs, reached 46 cents per liter according to the latest ISMEA survey, much higher than the 38 cents allocated to a large group of farmers. A crisis that affects a system that works every day to guarantee a national production in excess of 12 million tonnes per year, expresses a value of over 16 billion euros, handles about 1.6 million garments and employs over 100,000 people. The milk producers’ difficulties are also the tip of the iceberg of a situation with extensive suffering for the entire farm. Also involved are cattle, sheep and goats, pigs and poultry that also have to deal with swine fever and bird flu. “The stability of the livestock network has an importance that not only affects the national economy but has a social and environmental significance” – continues Prandini.

And he emphasizes “when a barn is closed, a whole system of animals, of meadows to get fodder, of typical cheeses and above all of people who are engaged in fighting, often for generations, the depopulation and degradation of those territories which are often located in areas are lost, disadvantaged, from the inside to the mountain ». To avoid the system collapsing, it is necessary to be vigilant against unfair business practices and stop public subsidies for food companies that pay for milk below cost. by Mipaaf’s inspection authority on all industries and the large distribution chains that speculate in the price of milk and other dairy products.

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