the price increases from coffee to pizza. Here’s how much

The increase of consumption costs and the increase in raw materials put the owners of bars and restaurants in the corner. Forced to face a new emergency – after the difficult months of the pandemic – now they are laying hands prices of the menu. – There are no alternatives at the moment. We are trying to adopt a common line for price increases because it will also be complicated for the Roma, explains Claudio Pica, president of Fiepet-Confesercenti. In the meantime, however, the changes are already underway and from September costs will increase throughout the catering industry. As the coffee at the bar which will increase from 10 to 20 cents. Again: you also increase for i first courses which will cost up to 2.50 euros more. As well as the pizza, which will increase by 1.50.

Hotels in Rome, prices up to 35% in connection with major concerts and fashion shows

– Prices will still be controlled, but with the expensive bills there are no alternatives. The owners are already facing the doubled consumption costs», adds President Pica. As they pointed out, the cost of consumption has actually doubled since last July. More generally, the trade association has estimated that a meal at a restaurant or pizzeria will cost up to 15% more. In the autumn, there will also be another squeeze: for those who want to consume outside, the merchants are thinking about a fixed fee that will be credited. “Now, after Covid, it is preferred to eat the meal outside, on the platforms that we heat with cylinders and light with halogen lamps. The cost has gone from 5 to 20 euros per escort: also in this case, an increase that we have to face. The idea is therefore to ask the customer for a fixed fee for outdoor use between 2 and 4 euros”.

Another sting for consumers who have already faced the first round of price increases. Last March, as recorded by Istat, the total increases were 6.7 percent for food and beverages. At the top of the ranking: seed oils followed by fresh vegetables, with prices rising by 17.8%, slightly ahead of butter (+ 17.4%). With the first double-digit increase also for pasta which marked + 13%, as well as for seafood (+ 10.8%) and flour (+ 10%). Increases caused by inflationary costs and the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

A dead end therefore for the owners who have to cope and keep their businesses afloat.
«Let us not forget – concludes President Fiepet Pica – that we were just coming out of the crisis caused by the pandemic. Between 2019 and 2021, we have suffered very large losses. The sector is in constant recovery – he underlines – but for over a year we have had restrictions and intermittent openings that have weighed on the accounts. We didn’t expect to get into trouble again. The next few months will be difficult and we are planning a new system to overcome the new wave of price increases ».
The goal is now to contain the prices on the menus and at the same time meet the new management costs by maintaining the business. A challenge for caterers who are at risk of going backwards after the last two quarters closed positively.



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