The professor. Paolo Farina tells Bisceglie “One Hundred Paper Coffee” Pictures

The professor. Paolo Farina tells Bisceglie “One hundred paper coffee” © nc

Two long years, from December 2020 to November 2022, marked by one of the most difficult moments in our contemporary history, the pandemic that marked life. How long did it take Paolo Farina, journalist, author, educator and school director to put together his “One Hundred Paper Coffee”, a volume for EtEt edizioni, which was presented in Bisceglie, last Wednesday, May 4, 2022, as part of Tupputi Palace. The event told about “the hundred coffees of sweet and bitter life”, born from a weekly meeting with the readers of “Odysseo”. “Time to sip a coffee together,” said prof. Farina defines this his work as the realization of “a journey that brings together a two-year journey, the attempt to light a candle instead of screaming in the dark”. The author outlines “drops of existence that are sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter, like coffee”. They participated in Meeting brother friend Sabino Zinni (preface) and prof. Maria Bisceglie (moderator).

The new publication by prof. Paolo Farina – already ten to his credit – was born from a weekly meeting with the readers of Odysseo. It is a book that “captures, crosses, questions and disrupts our lives and our biographies,” said Sabino Zinni, curator of the presentation. Prof. Maria Bisceglie, colleague and friend of prof. Farina, read some passages of the book that involve those present emotionally, and offer various topics to think about. Current content was discussed regarding the role of the family, school and teacher life as teachers for civic education. During the evening, there was no lack of discussions about moral, religious and philosophical reliefs that will not fail to stimulate other future literary works.

There are so many anecdotes, paths, and experiences behind this book that allow you to enjoy the pleasure of flipping through it: it is a writing that “ages in your hands,” the author stressed.

In the preface, Sabino Zinni writes: “In these” Hundreds of Paper Cafés, I got lost and found a thousand and one more times. The themes that are addressed, the stories told, the reflections that are made with a big thinking heart, like Paolos, are several, versatile, varied, interesting, engaging, burning, stinging, enveloping. In short, they are alive and vital. They talk about life in its entirety and in its details, in its light and shadows, in its beauty and in its misery. They are of flesh and blood, beauty and poetry, but also prose and hard everyday life. Everything passed through the sieve of a person like Paolo who lives everything intensely and always walks “at a hundred an hour”, with the ability not to lose any of the landscape that surrounds him and of the inner worlds he crosses and that he “loves”.

Paolo Farina, after teaching literature, philosophy and theological anthropology at various high schools in the area, is currently the principal of the CPIA Institute – Provincial Center for Adult Education – of BAT.


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