The Professor’s Coffee. Chill from a BLUE Milan

The Professor’s Coffee – by Bruno Siciliano, Professor of Robotics at Federico II.

Not even time to unpack the bag on Thursday night on the return from Scotland, which we leave on Saturday morning with my son Fabrizio for another trip. A 48 hours full of commitments by them as I like them. On the other hand, vibrant Milan always offers the opportunity to put my mantra “keep the gradient” into practice 😉

On Saturday afternoon, the company visits Oversonic in Carate Brianza. With them we started a collaboration on bimanual manipulation. It is a group of young engineers led by a visionary entrepreneur from Brianza (of the Inter-tro) Fabio Puglia who strongly believes in the development of humanoid robots for industry. Their Robee inevitably had to wear the Napoli 1926 scarf and the Chi Ama non Forgetica ribbon… Thanks DIEGO for the group photo. In the transfer by car with the fine ing. Paolo Denti (of the Milanese faith) we apparently passed through Monza. For myself, I was thinking of going to see Juve in the afternoon the next day: I could have started to enjoy even before the evening 🙂

Dinner with Fabrizio in the best Nikkei restaurant in Milan, and in my opinion among the 5 best in Europe, the featured Iyo in the Sempione area where we were welcomed by the friend maître Danilo (of Juventus faith) who spoiled us for the tasting of signature dishes which I usually order and a couple of fantastic menus. The highlight of the evening was the presence at the next table of Ferragnez, who arrived shortly after us, who in a few minutes would have hosted Lazza and his partner Debora. In fact, while I had instantly recognized the glamorous couple, it was Fabrizio who recognized the DJ-rapper when he arrived. I must honestly say that it looks a bit extravagant, but it seems to be very popular among young people. After the usual selfie at the end of dinner, I jokingly provoked him on his AC Milan beliefs ―during dinner I heard that the next day he was going to Curva Sud at San Siro ― “we’ll give you three cones tomorrow” he steered … he would be nice to have a coffee with him this morning, eh eh eh. Ferragni (name of my daughter Chiara) is very sweet and really brilliant. On the contrary, Fedez is shy and introverted. I’m not that used to the world of influencers, but I have to say that I really appreciate these two smart guys who have built their success with dedication and application. I wanted to express my solidarity with them for the difficult time experienced recently with his health problems and a hug for their children: the video call they had with them during dinner was very tender.